Steve Chittock

DA Riese continues to do our job as public prosecutor, win in court

Thank you for letting your readers know that our elected district attorney is innocent of the accusations leveled against him in the Nov. 27 article, "DA questioned, tested by police." Perhaps your reporter could investigate why the local law enforcement wasted all those man-hours chasing down an "anonymous tip."

This article underscores the fact that we have elected the right man to the office of DA. Mike Riese has continued to do his job as our public prosecutor and continues to win in the courtroom. That's what he is elected to do. Hopefully we will have the opportunity to keep him in office for another term by voting for him (again) in the next election.

Liz Freeman

Crescent City

Doubtful local law enforcement has resources to stop loud autos

Regarding the letters about noise or "music" from cars: The California Vehicle Code says no driver of a vehicle shall operate, or permit the operation of, any sound amplification system which can be heard outside the vehicle from 50 or more feet when the vehicle is being operated upon a highway, unless that system is being operated to request assistance or warn of a hazardous situation.

This section shall not apply to authorized emergency vehicles or vehicles operated by gas, electric, communications, or water utilities.

This section does not apply to the sound systems of vehicles used for advertising, or in parades, political or other special events, except that use of sound systems on those vehicles may be prohibited by a local authority by ordinance or resolution. Amended Ch. 538, Stats. 1989. Effective January 1, 1990.

Unfortunately, I doubt that any local law enforcement agency has staffing or other resources to enforce this section of the CVC.

Richard Noybe

San Jose

Thanks to Nickerson for trying to bring out truth about Westfall

An open letter of thanks to Dianne Nickerson:

Dianne,andensp;you have my deep gratitude and admiration for the time and effort you have invested in trying to bring the truth out about council member Donna Westfall.

Your statements to the City Council on Nov. 16 echoed the sentiments of so many people in regards to the Ms. Westfall's complete ignorance of her position on the council.andensp;You pointed out the immense waste of time and precious resources that are the result of Ms. Westfall's witch hunt, and for that I thank you. You also pointed out that Ms. Westfall has been quick to accuse members of staff and fellow council members of wrongdoing, without proof, yet she herself appears to be guilty of deliberate deception.

Again, thank you for your efforts.andensp; Ms. Westfall's claim that she sought help in filling out the forms and still managed to omit blatantly obvious information proves Ms. Westfall's lack of intelligence or her deliberate deception.andensp;Either case, she is not fit to serve.andensp; I'm sorry I was not at the council meeting to applaud your efforts at the time.

My only hope now is that the council complies with your request and that they do ask the Grand Jury to investigate Ms. Westfall.andensp;The only other step that could be taken to prevent the further waste of time and resources would be for a recall to be started to remove Ms. Westfall.andensp;I know no one has wanted to go that route because of the cost incurred by the city with such actions, but there may be no other way of preventing Ms. Westfall from costing the city even more.andensp;

andensp;Lesley Orr

Crescent City

Nickerson is real offender for citizens of Crescent City

Dianne Nickerson is the real offender for the citizens of Crescent City ("Westfall targeted at Council meeting," Nov. 21).

In this past election she really exposed herself when she pressured a second person into running for City Clerk that was not even interested in the job! All this in an attempt to block a more honest candidate, Joei Sanches.

Two years ago a 218 petition regarding sewer rates was circulated and signed by hundreds. My signature and two-hundred others were not "counted." Dianne Nickerson blocked an audit. Now it's too late.

After running interference in many unscrupulous ways, Dianne Nickerson retired before her term was completed. It's very clear Dianne is being encouraged by some of the City Council to provide "distraction from the real issues" confronting taxpayers.

Her activities are very suspect.

Judy Wolfe

Crescent City