Steve Chittock

Thanks to all who helped couple get to hospital in San Francisco

"I've seen and met angels wearing the disguise of ordinary people living ordinary lives," sings Tracy Chapman. A few weeks ago one of my students needed immediate financial and logistic help to have a pregnancy-related, life-threatening surgery done in San Francisco.

Her only option to get there and back was the bus. The time frame we had was 72 hours. The word of need spread like wildfire in the community. Within hours things got rolling.

Foursquare Church, Linda and Steve Wheeler, Sharon Allen, The Pregnancy Care Center here in Crescent City and in San Francisco got her and her boyfriend down there and back safely. Drove them down there, paid for everything.

These people/institutions in particular and so many others that offered spiritual and financial support are responsible for the fact that she and the baby are OK now. They did not let her ride the bus. Thank you so, so much!

Gabriele Sweeney

Crescent City

Fortunate to have CAN job that makes a difference

With Christmas coming and the economy being the way it is, it is hard for some families to get into the Christmas spirit. Here at Community Assistance Network, we try to help families to make their life a little easier.

I work at CAN and I have never seen so many people who care as much as my co-workers do. They are so dedicated to their cause and CAN's services such as the food bank, clothing bank, community gardens, etc., are important to them. Helping families is something they take great pride in.

I feel very fortunate to work here at Community Assistance Network. I feel I found a job that makes a difference.

Viola Merritt

Crescent City

Thumbs up to Crescent Elk Music Dept. for Winter Concert

Thumbs up to the Crescent Elk Music Department. Its Winter Concert on Tuesday evening was an excellent example of how high expectations result in a good performance.

The band members were attentive, the music was challenging and Conductor Ross was entertaining, even when she paused to remind her students about proper audience behavior.

Speaking of proper audience behavior, thumbs down to the cinematographer who planted a tall tripod in the middle of the auditorium and fiddled with the camcorder throughout the performance. Next time, please set up in the back of the room so as not to block the view.

Thanks again to Ms. Ross and the Crescent Elk bands for a lovely evening. You make us proud.

Carla Critz

Crescent City

Effort to beat Christians, Christmas into submission is at work

"All evil needs to succeed is for good men to do nothing." What a powerful quote!

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. We do not force anyone to believe or to take part in this celebration, but we also know that those who would deny God have no right to push Christians into the little box they have decided to create for us.

America is a nation founded on Christian principles and morality. That is not bad! It does not preclude others from practicing their own beliefs and it has served this nation well for over 200 years. Those who would like to overthrow this Constitution of the United States and would like to beat Christians (and Christmas) into submission are at work on every front. We sit on our hands and watch it happening. They count on that!

Are your children going to know and sing the songs giving praise to Jesus Christ on his birthday? Will the schools, the businesses we shop at, the people we meet on the streets, say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" to help eliminate Christ from Christmas?

Will our children even know the beauty of "Joy to the World," "Hark the Herald Angels Sing," "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen," "We Three Kings," and "Away in a Manger"?

The choice is ours. "All evil needs to succeed is for good men to do nothing." May God bless America and all men of good will.

Lilyan Wood

Crescent City

As poorest county, we should be allowing Wal-Mart to expand

Well, there is one thing that's doing well and thriving in Del Norte County: greed.

The Daily Triplicate in November did an article on the poverty rate in our county being tops on the list of the state. At least we are tops in something.

The question is, why are we, as a county, not allowing Wal-Mart to expand? Would they not hire more workers? Surely they would.

Fred Cox

Crescent City