Steve Chittock

There are many good reasons to do holiday shopping locally

"Shop at home for the holidays" isn't just a catchy slogan. It is economical, environmentally friendly and will promote more dollars circulating within our community.

All year long our local businesses are asked for their generosity and all year long they never fail to support all the worthy causes needed. At this time of giving, our businesses would appreciate local folks giving them their business here at home.

This way we can all have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Vikki Nuss

Brookings, Ore.

Lake Earl properties damaged since wildlife area established

It has been some time since the Lake Earl wildlife area was established. At a time many people such as I were concerned that the county would not be allowed to drain the lake as it has been done for over 75 years.

I, like others, have had problems with certain flooding if the lake is not pushed to a lower level, and related farms and other areas are flooded needlessly. At first I thought it would not be too much for my property on Lakeview Drive. How wrong I was.

The last acre nearest to the lake parking area of my property has been flooded without relief. At this piece of property I had some nice trees, redwood ferns, a couple of fir trees, some alder trees and others. It used to be a nice little area. Well that is gone, all the trees are dead, ferns gone and it is now just a messy swamp.

Once they asked me to sell this land and I said no. Even if I agree, I was told it would take nearly 10 years to do this, and considering my age, I probably will never see this. So much for the so called lake improvement.

John South

North Highlands, Calif.

Don't waste parking lot space reading your mail at post office

Most of us have at least one pet peeve.andensp;I have two.

One minor annoyance are signs posted on light poles, bulletin boards and windows after the event is long over.

But the other one isn't so minor, as it affects others.andensp;This one is the people that pick up their mail at the post office and then sit in their cars and read it!

These cars are parked in the post office parking lot and we all know parking is at a premium many times during the day.andensp;I would suggest, if the mail must be read immediately, they could drive across Front Street and park in the park to read it.andensp;Just a thought!

Faith Crist

Crescent City