Steve Chittock

Thank you to an honest person who returned purse lost in store

A thank-you to an honest person

Yesterday I left my purse in a Wal-Mart shopping cart. When I remembered it, it was gone. I figured it was gone for good.

That evening I got a call from Wal-Mart. Someone had turned it in. How can I thank the person who turned it in? To have such honest people truly gives me trust in those about us.

Once again, thank you so very much.

Alice Rankin

Crescent City

Don't get 'Gored' into believing that global warming is real

Don't get "Gored"! The Earth has warmed each spring and is colder each winter ever since the beginning of the world.

Global warming is a farce.

Glorea Shay

Smith River

Angels are waiting at hospital if your children get seriously ill

I would like to send out a heart-felt thank-you to a few very special people at Sutter Coast Hospital who recently touched my life.

Dr. Saunders, Mark, Debbie, Brenda, and the rest of the ER staff that day were amazing. My daughter had been sick with a cold for a few days when she woke up not wanting to get off the couch. Knowing something was wrong, we rushed her in and there they were with open arms, waiting. In just minutes Dr. Saunders had lab technicians X-ray her and an IV going. In a very short time they found my daughter had double pneumonia with a collapsed lung, shifted trachea and a shifted heart.

To myself and our family, this was unbelievable as we had just seen a doctor a few days before this. We spent the next few days in ICU and there we were treated with the utmost care and thanks to Linda, Debbie, CJ and Mike, we were never left with a question unanswered. Because of all of these wonderful people, my daughter is home and is doing wonderful.

If you're a parent and reading this, you know kids can get sick and get sick fast, but what you should know is the angels at Sutter Coast are there waiting if you need them.

Christie Walker

Crescent City

My money will go to children, not homeless holding town hostage

I was perusing the letters to the editor Dec. 8 and could not believe what I was reading. Someone was actually proposing that homeless people somehow deserved more charity than our city's needy children. The logic was that the homeless people were already sleeping in our cars, our yards, etc, so it would be best to give them a shelter to sleep in. This logic defies all common sense.

I don't know about the author of that letter, but my charity money will be going to the disadvantaged children, not the miscreants that hold our town hostage. The children that have almost nothing this year are in this position through no fault of their own. In many cases the parents work hard and do the best they can, but simply cannot make ends meet. In these cases I am thrilled there is a way for all of us to anonymously help those children have a great Christmas.

As I write this, I am watching many of our city's homeless waking for their early morning run to a local liquor store. Many (not all) of these people are addicts. Some are addicted to narcotics and alcohol, and almost all of them are addicted to welfare. I am tired of watching my tax money spent on alcohol and drugs every day by these social parasites, and I refuse to give more of my hard-earned money to support their habits.

The last time we set up a shelter it turned out to be a magnet for crime. Nobody who understands how many of these people became homeless was surprised. If we approve another shelter, it will draw more crime. If you choose to help these people, great! Help them find a job, get back on track and clean up. That is your choice, and you should be proud of your ability to be charitable.

However, please do not compare the homeless to our city's poor children. It is an insult to all those hard working people trying to make ends meet to say that the homeless have more of a right to help than their kids. I will not be blackmailed into a shelter by statements that imply the homeless will sleep on my property if I do not approve a shelter; and neither should anyone else. Compassion is wonderful, but should remain voluntary.

Barry Evert

Crescent City

Our Daily Bread Ministries has been a godsend to me and still is

Our Daily Bread Ministries has been such a blessing to me these past 2 1/2 years. A beacon of light, support and love in my times of need, change and loss.

Our Daily Bread Ministries fed me when times were lean. Everyone at the ministry has been supportive in times of change, and all available and willing to pray with me at any time, always sharing God's promises of hope, love, grace and mercy for me.

Our Daily Bread Ministries gives unconditionally and unselfishly. They helped me to get into my apartment and then through donations that came in helped me to furnish my apartment. This ministry has been a godsend for me and still is. I am now volunteering at the ministry and have been for almost 2 years. And it is a blessing to be to be able to be a part of this ministry and to help serve this community with God's love in my heart and a smile on my face.

Our Daily Bread Ministries is in need of your support and your prayers. Search your hearts. How far are you from being homeless or desperately in need - three paychecks, maybe two?

Imagine yourself out in this freezing weather. What would you do? This is your community, too. Let's all work together, and together we can make a difference!

Rose M. Daniels

Crescent City

If this is the way we fix health care, we haven't fixed it at all

Obama was aiming for universal health care, but the Senate bill has fallen short, in spite of its optimistic stance. The Congressional Budget Office projects that around 24 million people will still be uninsured in 2019.

Clearly our government, lagging behind most civilized nations, does not believe health care is a human right. Our health care system must work for everyone, or it doesn't work.

The current policy being considered would require up to 17 percent of a person's income. If this is the way we fix our system, then we haven't fixed it at all. What a disappointment.

Mary Mills

Crescent City

Forest Service no-show a sample of cooperation with supervisors?

On Dec. 8 I attended the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors meeting to hear the presentation by Mary Kay Vandiver and Julie Ranieri regarding Six Rivers National Forest and the Smith River National Recreation Area, which was on the agenda.

The speakers were a no-show without an explanation. Is this a sample of the cooperation the boardandensp;receives with the Forest Service?

Eileen Mitchell

Crescent City

Thanks to Santa's Workshop donors and Head Elf Ron Phillips

Each year the volunteers of Santa's Workshop gather together under the guidance of Head Elf Ron Phillips. The community comes together bringing gifts for children in need.

The holidays are a magical time when little ones dream of Santa sweeping down the chimney with a belly laugh and toys for every boy and girl.

As we grow older the dreams of Santa fade away, Santa becomes a childhood memory. We hurry about and have holiday stress.

But from the eyes of this elf looking from Santa's Workshop, Santa still exists with the generosity of many, and the smiles on the faces of parents and children arriving at the workshop. I would like to thank the many citizens, businesses and organizations that have donated and spread holiday cheer to the elves that volunteer many hours wrapping gifts, but most of all thanks to Head Elf Phillips for his dedication to this wonderful program that makes Christmas wishes come true.

Michelle Radison

Crescent City

Wal-Mart may hire more workers but it would destroy businesses

Regarding the Fred Cox ("As poorest county, we should be allowing Wal-Mart to expand," Dec. 4), it seems he thinks that they would hire more workers. Well, this is probably true. Wal-Mart would beandensp;interviewingandensp;manyandensp;employees of all the small and local business that would goandensp;out of business (or have to lay off staff) once Super Wal-Mart came into town.

Now this would not only affect our local specialty shops, auto parts, grocery stores, etc., in Del Norte County, but also in Curry County as well.

Somehow this doesn't seem a fair trade-off, does it?

Karen Swingley

Crescent City

Blame for deaths is on those who choose homeless lifestyle

I try to read The Triplicate daily, and love to read the letters to editor section, as it is usually entertaining. In reading the Rachel Justice letter ("County Officials will have blood on their hands,: Dec. 12), I am prompted to finally write something myself.

I have kind of been following this issue and have to say, I would not want a homeless shelter in my neighborhood! I strongly believe and instill in my children the belief that you work hard for what you need and want.

I know there are circumstances which warrant help from the community regarding homelessness, such as an unforeseen house fire, sudden loss of job, etc. But for those who have made poor choices in their lives and continue to do so, I have no help for nor do I feel sorry for them.

I was raised very poor. My parents didn't have a running vehicle, we always had a cold house and at times went without electricity and such. My mom pushed groceries home in a shopping cart no matter what the weather. My father always worked but just didn't make a lot of money. He did the best he could and when the kids got older my mom went to work. We never asked for handouts. We were never on the "Christmas Tree" downtown for a gift or a coat or otherwise. My mom shopped at the thrift store or made what we needed. And you know what? We appreciated what we had.

I have worked since I was 11 years old to pay for my school clothes and whatever else I needed. As an adult I have always had a job and have a career that I really wouldn't have chosen for myself but it pays my bills and supports my family. We donated coats for kids, donate clothes to the thrift store yearly and donate to almost every school/sport fundraiser that comes our way.

This town has tried to do "temporary shelters" and we all are aware of how that has turned out. You cannot help those who are unwilling to help themselves. No one is to blame for the deaths of those who have chosen this lifestyle except those adults who have made that choice themselves.

Melissa A. Thornton

Crescent City

I urge Supervisors to reconsider our Daily Bread's shelter request

It's been very cold outside. I'm thankful to have a heated home, but not all are so lucky.

If Our Daily Bread Ministries has the wherewithal to keep the homeless out of this extreme cold, then I am in support. God bless them.

The results of your online poll at this hour indicate that a large majority of readers agrees. To those neighbors who are concerned about loitering, could you consider how the loitering problem would be magnified if the homeless have no place to go in this freezing weather, let alone the risk of dying in the cold?

I urge the Board of Supervisors to reconsider the organization's permit request.

Matthew Philip

Crescent City

Please help community to ask airport officials not to shoot deer

Please help the community and ask the officials in charge of the Department of Fish and Game, or airport officials, to have the deer herd safely guided out of the airport area so that they can drink water from the creeks and be free.

Please ask them not to shoot the deer. People who own border collies or other herding dogs could bring their dogs so they can direct the herd out of the area.

Nicola Grobe and Paul Norup

Crescent City