Steve Chittock

Our Daily Bread Ministries head responds to recent letters

After reading letters to the editor on Dec. 15, after having our roof blow off, after the decision to deny Our Daily Bread Ministries the permit to shelter in extreme weather, and after innumerable attacks from people who think homelessness is such a stigma, I am awestruck by people who are so cruel when they really don't have a full view of what they are commenting on.

This is an attitude of sink or swim (or live or die?) toward people who they don't know: someone's son, daughter, mom, grandfather, grandchild.

My name is Mike Justice, and I was homeless for 1 1/2 years. I slept in the cold. I have been freezing, hungry, alone and judged. Until you have been there (and been given the chance and help to get out), your words hold no weight. I really, really get what Jesus said about persecution for his namesake.

Yes, of course many of these that we serve are addicted to alcohol, drugs, government funds, and many are certainly responsible for their own fortune. We are aware of the discomfort that they pose on our residents with panhandling, etc., and for the record, we do not support these actions.

We have spent dozens of hours (and continue to improve on it daily) devising a plan for the shelter to protect the neighborhood, the clients and staff, as well as ways to assist the clients in getting rehabilitated in various ways. We also will not tolerate slothfulness in the coming shelter (yes, it is happening, like it or not), and will require every able-bodied individual to lend a hand to clean up the shelter and neighborhood.

We are also working to partner with two other large non-profits to provide bus tickets to out-of-town homeless to keep them moving along. We are partnering as well with the sheriff as to be a help and support for law enforcement. We will start monitoring our neighborhood regularly for our clients loitering, and give only one warning before calling the sheriff. We are very sorry for any way our ministry has contributed to the discomfort of our neighbors.

God has laid this compassion and mission on my heart, and I vow not to stop. We will shelter in this town soon, we will save lives, and we will continue to give as many hand-ups as possible.

Mike Justice

Our Daily Bread Ministries

Crescent City

God bless the Russkie hackers for blowing cover on scam

"Climategate" has been exposed, but one doesn't hear much about it in the media, even in a community such as ours, which is hardly 100 percent "global warming" believers!

The Russians, by hacking East Anglia University's Climatic Research Unit, may have saved the world from onerous taxation and from world government. The bottom line was that the emails revealed a giant hoax, which had been going on for years, headed by Al Gore, Obama's Science Czar John Holdren, and Phil Jones, head of the CRU, who quit his post, and Michael Mann of Penn State.

As a result of this exposure, two members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Awards have asked that Gore's Oscar for his film, "An Inconvenient Truth," be rescinded.

Then there is Copenhagen, where 16,500 freeloaders from 192 different countries flew in on mostly private jets to consume 200,000 meals and produce an estimated 41,000 tons of carbon dioxide. (Nothing said about the methane gas, of course, or the hot air!)

What we have here is pure academic fraud and criminalality, the result of which is the UN Copenhagen Conference, where the exposure of the fraud is simply being ignored. At the conference developing countries have reacted furiously to leaked documents, called the Danish Text, where world leaders will be asked to sign a document, which relieves the UN's future participation and puts it in the hands of the World Bank.

People in rich countries may be permitted to emit twice as much carbon per person as allowable for the Third World. Effective control of climate change will be passed to the World Bank, and Wall Street and the City of London will make the decisions. As if Wall Street and the world's financiers really have our interests at heart! andensp;

Anyhow, God bless the Russkie hackers for blowing the cover on this scam. They may be as feisty as some Del Norte loggers, truckers and fishermen I've known over the years. Nonetheless, I still think it's time to put some of the fraudsters in jail, and, frankly, to kick all of the politicians and bureaucrats who fell for this scam into the ranks of the jobless!

Mario de Solenni

Crescent City

Planning Commission properly denied homeless shelter permit

Kudos to the Del Norte County Planning Commission.andensp;Its responsible, well-considered decision denying the permit for Our Daily Bread to open a homeless shelter on Harold probably was not an easy decision to make. No one wants to see people living out in the elements, especially in the cold wet winter weather but any homeless shelter must be safe, responsibly run and not detrimental to its neighbors.

The individuals running Our Daily Bread have proven themselves unable to meet the basic requirements for a successful homeless shelter.andensp;The individuals associated with Our Daily Bread may have good intentions, but they are ill prepared or not interested in following theandensp;guidelines necessary to be a truly effective community service provider.

To Rachel Justice representing Our Daily Bread, I have this to say in response to your Dec. 12 letter ("County officials will have blood on their hands"):andensp;Our Daily Bread does not have its own clients. You are private citizens collecting money and material from other private citizens and you in turn share food and material with other private citizens.

If, as you claim, you were so concerned about a homeless shelter, why did you wait until November to start the process?andensp;Don't you remember we have winter every year? You have had since your failed attempt last winter to develop a homeless shelter if you really cared.andensp;Don't blame the county for any delays.

It is unfortunate that we don't have a homeless shelter but there are services in our community which include housing assistance.andensp;If you want to know more you can contact Del Norte County Department of Health and Human Services on Northcrest Drive and they can help you there or direct you to the appropriate city, county or other service providers.

andensp;Lesley Orr

Crescent City

Heartfelt gratitude to all those who helped during emergency

On Sat, Dec. 12, I had the need to use 911 due to a health problem. Within minutes of calling 911 the Klamath Volunteer Fire Department EMTs arrived at our house and proceeded to provide expert, professional care and help until the ambulance arrived from Crescent City.

The ambulance crew members were very knowledgeable and professional.

On arrival at the hospital the care, knowledge and professional attitude was above and beyond the average. The critical care unit doctors and nurses were the best of the best. My heartfelt gratitude goes to all who helped me.

George Herrick