Steve Chittock

Wishing Rust well by no means implies support for her actions

If, as Mimi Stephens asserts in her Dec. 30 letter ("The support for Lynn Rust speaks well of community"), "you get smarter with age," then something is amiss in my case. I have the age, believe me, but I cannot see how age has smartened me if viewing genitalia mutilation as a positive thing makes you smarter than others that do not regard it as such.

Because some friends and family members express support of a person's radical choices, it is a real stretch to impute similar sympathies to the community at large. While we, as a community, may wish an individual well, it by no means implies support of their actions. At least one of us views this reported event aghast. It implies that even God makes mistakes, doesn't it? At least tattoos are reversible.

Perhaps Ms. Stephens should rethink the age/wisdom adage ... it ain't always so.

Dale L.Bohling

Crescent City

Good luck, Christy Lynn, many of us love you just as you are

I have long been an admirer of Mimi Stephens as she is a strong woman who makes a positive difference to fellow community members. But I have to admit that after reading her letter ("The support for Lynn Rust speaks well of community," Dec. 30) about Christy Lynn Rust that my estimation of her has gone up.

This person, Christy Lynn Rust, is the same generous person that has sacrificed self and precious time for years to enrich so many people's lives in Del Norte County. The concept of a change of this type in someone that we have been so familiar with can be difficult, but everywhere I go I hear support and love and a genuine striving to understand and accept.

I do know and am pleased to count myself one of many who have had their lives enriched by this person. How very brave, in our little town, to tell a personal story in such a public way, inviting questions and delivering answers to enable acceptance as well as help those in our community with similar challenges.

Our newspaper helped to deliver the content in an insightful way that was well done. To paraphrase Mimi, I also would like to say, good luck Christy Lynn, there are many of us that love you just as you are and have always been, a very talented, giving and wonderful person.

Charlie Wick

Crescent City

Our Daily Bread should have explained its mission better

During the holiday season, I have read so many "not-so-nice" letters to the editor, and not just the "No more homeless in my backyard" letters. I will tell you right now that I am not going to go to all of the meetings that everyone in this county has, and as a matter of fact, lately I go to none. I get my information from what I read in the paper, so if I don't read it, I really don't know what is going on.

I know that Our Daily Bread is passionate about its cause and has had problems that have made it look really bad. The way to solve these problems is to write your letters explaining how you are going to solve the problems in this forum before it gets to the point where the public has a negative opinion and then allow supporters to tell this whole county off.

Some would say that we are the meanest people on the face of the earth, but I have seen more giving people here than anywhere! I can only ask that as mission statements change they are put into the letters to the editor as the public would rather know all of the safeguards that you are putting in place before there are letters like "blood on your hands" and the like.

Mrs. Justice, I have probably missed more meals than most and am poorer than you could ever realize, and life would have been easier here today even if I would have been in a family-size tent. I don't think that I know one single person that does not give back in one way or another. When I went on a buying spree at the dollar store for the Wishing Tree the clerk said something to the effect that my family was getting a great Christmas and I told her that this was really nothing, I could not fulfill a promise that I made and everything was going to charity. She looked at me and said, "What you are doing is not nothing."

I sucked it up until I got into my car and then cried! More people care than some give us credit for and our only issue is that we are having a hard time taking care of our own and that is the people of Del Norte County, and only if the gifts actually make a difference.

Brenda Johnston

Crescent City