Steve Chittock

There may be some grinches, but people are basically good, caring

To Cory Briones, age 14, who wrote the Jan. 2 letter, "We believe the Grinch exists: Theft leads to family's eviction":

The Grinch lives among us and always has. The people who take advantage of those less fortunate or, at least, vulnerable, will continue to lurk among us. However, we also have caring, considerate and tolerant people in our midst. I choose to believe they outnumber the grinches.

Some choose to smear blood on the doors of their adversaries. Some just foment hate wherever they can. I encourage you, Cory, to sift through the garbage and come to the conclusion that we are basically good and care about each other. Without that, your future and ours is bleak.

For the rest of us, remember the Corys in this world and please work to encourage him through our actions.

Kurt Gripenstraw

Smith River