Steve Chittock

City Council old-fashioned on wind energy systems

In reference to the Dec. 31 article, "Council gets look at noise law," I think the Crescent City Council is a bit old-fashioned when it comes to small wind energy systems.

The loudest noise in town is the ocean. I do agree with stopping barking dogs and music from the neighbor, but not devices that cut the exorbitant costs of electricity. Brookings has a solar panel and wind machine outside the Coos Curry building.

Rogie Shutt

Smith River

Millions starving, homeless in richest country in world

President Obama recently anandshy;nounced that this past year one out of seven American households were unable to adequately provide food for their families.

We live in the richest and most powerful country in the world and yet Americans by the millions are starving and homeless.

In a country such as ours, this is deplorable, inexcusable and an abomination.

Almost daily, commercials are putting in their plug for donations to feed the hungry. Extremely rare are these ads for Americans. They are all for the hungry overseas.

Were I financially able, I would donate to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) before considering any organdshy;anization overseas or helping the homeless.


1) Contributing to an overseas organization does not feed the starving American people.

2) Overseas donations don't help the homeless. As previously printed in an opinion column, one writer said that they don't give to the homeless because they just go and buy drugs, cigarettes, alcohol and more, as well as the fact that their attitude and behavior is worse than animals, which is why the writer said they would donate first to the SPCA.

3) I would rather give to the SPCA because it's always badly needed and extremely appreciated, even by the animals!

This country is ours, the American people's! It's time to take care of our own.

Our government needs to wake up to what's happening in its own country and what the American people need.

Jill Bausch

Crescent City

A very simple solution to the homeless controversy

I've been following the homeless controversy, since the '70s and am amazed that no one has ever suggested this very simple solution.

The real estate market is in a recession with the largest inventory of unsold vacancies ever. Now I know there are some in the business that will oppose my idea, but then they oppose anything pertaining to the homeless. With all the vacant and foreclosed properties in the county, a small percentage could be made available to government agencies and churches to manage as shelters.

With proper supervision and oversight, these properties could be put to good use instead of sitting vacant and deteriorating. Like I said, there will be those who oppose such a simple solution, but don't you wonder why this town has no shelter?

John Carder


Homeless people are easy to judge and demoralize

Homeless people are easy to judge, and further demoralize, especially if they appear to not want help.

Financial decisions made to exclude them should not be enforced by the idea that those excluded do not deserve help. We do not know what happens to our brains and our ability to think clearly when we have been exposed to constant sociological abuse and exclusion.

Humans have demonstrated their lack of compassion and willingness to exclude and judge, over and over again.

God has compassion. God does not exclude and God reserves judgment. Let us make our financial decisions and leave the judgments in the hands of God.

Miriam Felt

Crescent City

500 trees will be planted in Crescent City in the spring

I want to thank Eric Taylor, Crescent City's associate planner, for applying for and getting the second round of tree grant funding.

In the spring, the city parks staff will be planting over 500 trees in our parks and in our downtown in the empty tree wells. I would hope at the same time that the city would finish the work that Mr. Taylor started in 2008 in our community forest on Cooper Avenue. I would hope that my City Council and our new city planner would in 2010 apply through the Arbor Day Foundation to make Crescent City a Tree USA city. If the readers of this paper want to learn more about Tree USA City Program, go to

People talk about a theme for Crescent City. People forget that we are home to Redwood National Park. A perfect theme for Crescent City should be, we are the city where the redwood forest meets the sea.

Replanting trees in our parks and in our downtown area could make this dream possible. Making Crescent City a Tree USA city would support this. If Grants Pass can do it, why can't we?

Richard Miles

Crescent City

Inez Castor's deep expression of life will never be forgotten

This letter is for Inez Castor, writer of the Gopher Gulch column.

I would like to say thank you in this letter, for I have no computer. I admire your weekly column with much interest. You are Inez, yet you remind me of the Jack London, Carl Sandburg, Mark Twain, Rod Serling and yes, Andy Rooney, of the North Coast.

When you looked into your granddaughter's eyes and said it was like looking into a "time" tunnel, it was then I knew you are the best. Your deep expression of life will never be forgotten.

Randy Shull

Crescent City

Thompson has clear voting record of harming America

Our congressman, Mike Thompson, has a clear voting record that is harming America. He has voted for all legislation that is bankrupting this country: Stimulus bill, $787 billion; 2010 budget, $3.5 trillion; Cap and Trade, according to Heritage Foundation, $3,000 every year for a family of four; and health care, more than $1 trillion. According to "U.S. National Debt Clock," our debt on Dec. 29, 2009, was greater than $12 trillion and increasing at a rate of $3.8 billion daily.

Why vote for more debt, Congressman? It is time to get a new congressman that will work to reduce our national debt.

He has not responded to several letters during the past 15 months in which I have asked why he is against proven energy resources: nuclear power (the French have 75 percent nuclear energy); natural gas - America has an abundant amount of it; coal - much of the low sulphur has been put under government "protection" by former President Clinton; and petroleum, which is used for many different products. We spend billions of dollars annually to buy petroleum from foreign countries while having our own unused supply.

Developing our own resources would not only save us money, but would give us an income from the royalties. Rep. Thompson only wants unproven "green energy" and will not answer my letters requesting to know how much this green energy will cost, where the collectors for green energy would be placed, how the energy would be stored until needed, if the windmills needed for wind power would be put in the same areas with the solar panels, and how the transmission from this new energy would be transferred to existing power lines.

It is ludicrous that we are the only country with so much existing energy and are unwilling to use it while liberals tell us "man-made global warming" is the underlying reason we need "green energy."

Marlowe Thompson

Crescent City

Thanks to all who helped me after crash down cliff

On Dec. 2 I hit my brakes on a downhill slope and because of the weight of the wood and loose gravel, I went over the edge, a several-hundred-foot cliff down to Shelly Creek. I just remember falling straight down. A large oak tree stopped me.

Unable to walk, I spent the night in my truck freezing, but grateful to be alive. Next day around noon I pulled my way up the cliff, grabbing tree branches and large rocks. I had broken my pelvis and fractured my ribs. I'm glad the good Lord left me the use of my arms.

I prayed and after about three hours, a nice couple from Gasquet saved me and called for help.

When I hit the oak tree, all the windows blew out and wood was in the cab. Bailey, my dog, and I climbed out of the vehicle. She was so frightened and probably injured, she ran up the hill. I have not seen her since, but two people have seen her confused near the second bridge and U.S. Forest Service sign on Hwy. 199. She seems afraid to come to people unknown to her now. Family and friends spend the night in Douglas Park and hopefully she will show up.

The purpose of this letter is to thank everyone for their kindness and help. In some ways, this was the best Christmas I could ever have, and because of the compassion and professionalism of Del Norte County, I'm alive and now strive for a bright and positive future.

John Zegart

Crescent City