Steve Chittock

High prices driving Del Norters across the border for shopping

Who is kidding whom?

Wouldn't it be nice to know the amount of Del Norte people that go to Brookings to purchase gas because ours is priced to the sky? And again, our own that get their groceries in Brookings because of higher prices here?

And how about clothing? Just about everything costs less in Brookings, not counting no taxes. And no, I don't want to move to Brookings. Not counting no taxes in Brookings. I know there are a lot of excuses as to why their prices are lower than ours, but it still boils down to the difference in pricing.

People living on fixed incomes here have been, and still are, barely making it here. Our pricing here drives these people to Brookings, and we'll keep on. So wake up, Del Norte.

Fred Cox

Crescent City

Remembering Glenn Strown's contribution to prison's history

I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed reminiscing the story of the development of Pelican Bay State Prison as presented in your Dec. 26 edition, then the summary in the B section of factual figures concerning inmates and employees, many of which I knew and still know. Thanks to reporter Nick Grube.

I lived in Klamath for 26 summers, 1970-1996. During this time Glenn Strown of Strown's Mobile Home and RV Park became a very good friend of mine. We spent lots of time solving the "problems" of the world and sometimes we took on the problems of Klamath - men out of work, loggers with no trees to cut, fishermen not allowed to fish, everyone frustrated.

One such evening Glenn asked me if I could think of any job source not depending on fish, trees, sunny days or whims of environmentalists. I was stumped. How about a prison?" he asked. "Maybe they would enlarge Alder Camp. I'm going to go and talk to them."

Glenn drove his own car down to Sacramento. He presented his idea. They laughed at Glenn, but he was persistent. Several people did come up. Glenn showed Alder Camp to them and they said it was too small, that they'd need a hundred level acres.

What happened after this visit to Alder Camp I cannot report on, except to say that at the dedication of the prison, Glenn Strown sat in the front row and he was thanked for his efforts to get the prison in Del Norte County.

Glenn died in 1998. I was one of his pallbearers.

Earl Hensel

Crescent City

Has anyone else had similar problems with mail delivery?

I have lived in Del Norte County since 1971 and up until last year I have never had any problems with my mail delivery. I moved into a new home in 2008, closed out my post office box in 2009 and started using the locked mailed boxes at the end of Napa Street. That's when the problems began.

Between May and July 2008, four checks became "lost" (including my mortgage payment and my Visa payment), they never made it to their destination ... four different bills to different cities. They have never cleared. I called the postmaster twice and complained. I stopped using that location to mail out my bills but continued to send letters and cards out.

I found out in November and December that at least two holiday cards I mailed were "lost." I called the postmaster again, called the USPS toll-free number and opened a complaint, as well as sending a letter to the Crescent City postmaster. I have not heard a word. Not only were late charges applied to my accounts because of non-payment, but now I face the inconvenience of driving across town whenever I have to mail anything because I am afraid to mail anything from my location.

Has anyone had a similar experience recently? I now have my mortgage automatically deducted from my checking account and I pay most of my other bills online because I no longer trust the postal service. I suggest to anyone that has had a similar experience to make a call to the postmaster to file a complaint. Losing four checks in three months is more than a coincidence.

Teresa Throop

Crescent City