Adam Madison, The Triplicate

Despite a few problems, local postal workers deserve kudos

In reply to Teresa Throop's Jan. 8 letter ("Has anyone else had similar problems with mail delivery?"), I too have had very good postal mail service over the past 20 years on a rural street with a box.

However, from September to October of 2009, I experienced problems with receiving mail, or actually not receiving important mail. I also incurred a late fee due to the billing statement never reaching me. When I discovered one, I researched further and found at least three more pieces of mail I should have received but didn't.

I contacted the Post Office three times. The postal employees who took my calls were all very considerate and helpful. By December, it seemed my mail service was back on track, and I've not discovered any more problems.

In a world where postal employees seem to take a lot of heat from customers, I believe that our local Post Office employees deserve kudos for the difficult job they do, and thanks for the help they offer, when given the chance.

Sue D'Errico

Crescent City