Adam Madison, The Triplicate

Don't judge dog that might be pit bull just because it looks like one

I am frustrated at some people judging my dog because he "looks" like a pit bull. He may or may not be.

There are "bad" dogs in all breeds. It depends on the way they have been raised, handled and trained, and how the owner treats them. My dog is a happy-go-lucky dog that likes people, children and animals of all kinds. It's insulting to me that I have spent so much teaching him to be that way and he's being judged by looks alone.

I understand why some people make "bad" judgments about pit bulls due to experience or the media. According to a recent Pet Connection (daily column in The Triplicate), 75 percent of dogs in shelters are mislabeled by breed. Why do some people think they can guess a breed better than that?

All I know is when I got my dog, he was a 16-pound, emaciated, dehydrated, 5-month-old puppy that was dumped at Pacific Shores last winter when it was freezing and hailing outside. He needed help!

No matter what his breed is, he didn't care what "breed" I was, and he shows his appreciation every moment.

Micaela Curtis

Crescent City