Richard Wiens, The Triplicate

The early returns were encouraging.

A little after 4 p.m., folks were filling up Bay Studios, photographer Bryant Anderson reported upon his return from there. Shortly after 5, he headed over to the courthouse, where a throng of people were enjoying a reception honoring the artists chosen for the annual Juried Multimedia Exhibit. He was a little late getting there, because by then the lobby of The Triplicate had gotten busy as well.

Is Crescent City ready for an Art Walk of the sort so many other communities enjoy on a regular basis? On Friday evening, people were voting with their visits, filling up seven venues downtown and three more in the harbor. By 6 p.m., you could've called the election.

Judging by guest book signatures, at least 150 people came to The

Triplicate to view photography and oil paintings, taste the munchies

and mill around with their fellow Del Norters. They were clearly

enjoying themselves, and reported similar parties breaking out at the

other venues.

The dry weather certainly helped. A traveling show such as this

would be a bit less pleasant in a driving rain. Even if they ventured

out, people might've been more inclined to hunker down in just a few

venues, and then they would've missed some of the fun. Because the fact

is that even though its galleries aren't lined up in a tidy row the Del

Norte arts community has plenty to offer, as evidenced by the diverse

work on simultaneous display at multiple locations.

But rain, like other potential obstacles, shouldn't seem so daunting now to Art Walk organizers. Not after Friday night.

The polls are closed, the ballots have been tallied, and the concept

of a Crescent City Art Walk won in a landslide. Here's hoping it was

only the first of many.


Speaking of rain, the storm that has been mostly unrelenting since

Sunday seems to have convinced some North Coast inhabitants that they

don't want to winter here after all.

Whenever the wind lets up a little, flocks of pelicans are flying

south. Until now, I hadn't seen more than one or two of the mega-beaks

at a time for weeks.

Oh well, for every Del Norte visitor drawn to the storms, there's probably another looking to flee them.


In a time-honored tradition, some people contribute to both

candidates in political contests so that they're backing a winner

either way.

That may or may not explain where Sheriff Dean Wilson stands in the

Republican primary race for the 4th District state Senate seat.

On the same day that Wilson was introducing candidate Rick Keene to

a local audience earlier this month, Keene's opponent Doug LaMalfa

announced he had been endorsed by several Del Norte officials andndash;

including Sheriff Wilson. On Monday, Keene announced that he has the

sheriff's endorsement.

LaMalfa, by the way, also claimed the backing of District Attorney

Mike Riese, county supervisors Mike Sullivan and Dave Finigan (a known

Democrat), Mayor Kelly Schellong and City Council members Dennis Burns

and Charles Slert.

Stay tuned.