Steve Chittock

Art Walk was a complete delight

I want to express my complete delight and gratitude about Crescent City's first Art Walk on Friday, Jan. 15.

Everyone I ran into that evening was having a great time and seemed to be just as impressed as I was. The merchant participants who so graciously opened their doors and provided refreshments deserve to be commended. The abundance of super-talented artists we have here is almost overwhelming and they should be proud.

I was blown away with the paintings, art pieces in various media, photography and jewelry. To top it off, the musicians who volunteered their time to perform at the various locations were the lovely final touch.

This event showed how classy Crescent City can be and I am personally quite proud that this wonderful event was so well attended, even though I had nothing to do with putting it on.

The talk on the walk was repeatedly about how we must have this event again and regularly, perhaps quarterly or at least twice a year. I sure hope so!

Thank you to all the folks who helped organize and orchestrate this wonderful event. I hope everyone who missed it will come out for it whenever it comes around again. My boyfriend and I thoroughly enjoyed it and we both give everyone involved a thumbs up and a hearty applause. Crescent City rocks!

Dr. Sandy Waters

Crescent City

Assessing Mass. election results

Obviously from the results of the 2008 election the majority of Americans want to see change and embraced the five or six priorities outlined by President Obama. Also obviously, the mess with which he was confronted upon taking office has made the task more difficult.

The Massachusetts election was not a display of anger against the president but rather anger toward our "bought and paid for" Congress. Our only power would appear to be to "throw the bums out" every time any incumbent runs for office.

Joshua Holland, an editor for Alternet, expressed this much better than I ever could in the following excerpt of his recent column:

"I'm going to wake up tomorrow in a country where Big Pharma has a veto over bills, the corporate media promotes their centrism above all other virtues, lobbyists are the true governing party and Joe Lieberman and Olympia Snowe are votes 59 and 60 in the Senate. Our political system's still broken, and a Coakley win wasn't going to fix it.

"OK, that sucks, but I still have to get up in the morning and try to do what little I can to fight the good fight. And, I hate to say it, but I think you do too."

Lois Munson

Crescent City