Adam Madison, The Triplicate

There is a small article on the front page today about City Councilwoman Donna Westfall launching yet another initiative to throw her colleagues out of office.

A small article, because Westfall has been doing this with regularity since she was elected in November 2008.

We'll keep this editorial small as well. Just big enough to note that in having her colleagues served with recall paperwork for the third time in less than two years, Westfall is clearly engaging in the politics of harassment.

Instead of a legitimate attempt to remove elected officials for malfeasance in office, it's a misuse of the process to demoralize well-intentioned people who ran for office in hopes of doing good things for their city.

Westfall knows she can't get enough legitimate signatures of registered city voters to actually force recall elections. An attempt to remove City Council members Charles Slert and Kathryn Murray from the ballot fell far short of the required signatures in January. And that was after Westfall abandoned her first recall effort against Mayor Kelly Schellong, Murray and former City Clerk Dianne Nickerson.

Think about it. The new effort launched this week attempts to force November recall elections against, among others, Schellong and Councilman Dennis Burns.

But their terms are expiring this year; they'd have to seek re-election in November if they wished to continue in office anyway. If voters want them out, they already have that opportunity, without incurring the expense of another round of recall petition signature verifications, etc.

So today we give our readers a small news article and a small editorial to note, for the record, a cynical move by a small-minded person.