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It's too easy to overdose from so many different fluoride sources

Regarding new federal recommendations to lower fluoride levels in water ("Federal govt. says too much fluoride in water," Jan. 8), we get fluoride from so many sources that it is easy to overdose and putting it in the city water contributes to this problem.

Today many common fruits and vegetables are saturated with fluoride, as fluoride is predominantly used in chemical pesticide applications. Inorganic California grapes are particularly treated by fluoride-based pesticides, making inorganic grape juice, wine and raisins hazardous to your health. A simple lunch-size box of raisins has two to six times the amount of an equal weight of fluoridated city water.

Common grains are saturated by fluoride-based fungicides, making

cereals and breads another significant source. A cup of ordinary black

tea has high levels, about three times as much as our fluoridated water,

because most tea leaves are imported from areas of the world that have

high levels of fluoride in the soil.

The English habit of tea drinking has resulted in many documented

cases of crippling arthritis in heavy tea drinkers. Going organic helps

reduce fluoride levels. Fluoridated toothpaste should be used with

extreme caution. Bathing in fluoride, which is absorbed through the

skin, can be the equivalent of drinking several cups of fluoridated


Given all these unnatural cumulative sources of fluoride, it is no

wonder that our children are being poisoned by fluoride.

The results of overdosing are not just cosmetic, but are very

serious. The damage that you can see happening to teeth, called dental

fluorosis, indicates that damage is also occurring to your bones and

cartilage, skeletal fluorosis. The current 1 milligram per liter level

in our water taken over a lifetime contributes significantly to brittle

bones, osteoporosis, arthritis, and hip fractures. Ongoing current

research into brain damage in children at levels that produce fluorosis

of the teeth is also not just cosmetic.

Eileen Cooper

Crescent City

Tea Party research lacking on issue of universal health care

About these Tea Parties, I really wish folks would do research before

jumping into things. We are one of the only, if not the only, Western

civilizations without universal health care.

In all the countries that have it, people are way less stressed,

actually know how to relax and enjoy themselves, and can save money for

rainy days, things that are virtually absent in the USA.

How on Earth can anyone not want that kind of financial freedom here?

Or know that, no matter what, they can seek medical or other

professional help without the hassle of bureaucratic red tape? Unreal!

Teri V. Markanson

Crescent City