Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Update on what is happening in community with tsunami sirens

My name is Cindy Henderson and I am the emergency services manager for Del Norte County and I wanted to update the community on what is happening with the tsunami sirens.

We are installing two more sirens in the Crescent City limits and we currently have three in Klamath and three in the county, including one in Smith River, one at the harbor and the other one at the Flynn Center.

We are currently working with signal operators at NOAA weather to have the sirens go off the first full-week Tuesday of the month at 10 a.m. to test them. We have had some problems matching the signals and we are still having to set them off manually each month from the Sheriff's Department but we hope to get this corrected soon. Your patience is very appreciated!

Please remember that these are outdoor sirens and are not meant to be heard indoors. They are meant to alert people by the water and those that are participating in outdoor activities. Remember that you can have your own personal siren in your house by purchasing a NOAA weather radio that will sound with an alarm night or day with any hazards that are happening in our area.

Thanks for being prepared!

Cindy Henderson

Emergency Services Mgr.

Crescent City

It's time to do what feds did and rethink the fluoride issue

I hate to say, "I told you so." Wait a second. No I don't.

It's not often the federal government admits to making a mistake.

That changed on Friday, Jan. 7, in a remarkable turnabout regarding the

"optimal" or "recommended" levels of fluoride added to our drinking

water. It only took them 50 years. Here's what's changed. The new level

recommended by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is now

down to 0.7 milligrams per liter.

The federal government now admits that 41 percent of children ages

12-15 had dental fluorosis in a recent study. That means they are

over-fluoridated. Although the article in HuffPost said all you have to

do is bleach it out, that's not true either. Fluorosis is the first

indication of fluoride poisoning. If it affects the teeth, then it is

also affecting every bone in your body, making it weaker not stronger.

How does over-fluoridation happen? Starting with infants, even at the

new optimal level, it's still 175 times higher than normal. If you eat

wheat cereal with milk and grape juice for breakfast you've already

received 133 percent of the optimum dose for the day. Add drinking tap

water on top of that, showering in it and you're over-fluoridated.

Simple as that.

A recommendation to drop the optimal level to 0.7 milligrams per

liter means the feds are still not listening to the people, or looking

at all the facts, much like our local City Council and Board of

Supervisors, First 5, Department of Health Services, and all the doctors

and dentists who signed their names to opposing Measure A. Having our

local newspaper minimize the facts and put its particular spin helps no

one. It only serves to harm those in our community wondering why they

have arthritis, thyroid problems and cancer.

Logically, you can't wash your body and your organs with toxic

industrial waste and expect it to stay healthy.

As an elected official, I take my duty to be fiscally responsible

seriously, and can predict that if the facts and the people continue to

be ignored, lawsuits will ensue. Lawsuits are a last resort when logic

and reason don't prevail.

Those of my constituents that cannot stomach the idea of forced

medication now say, "If you want to slowly poison the rest of our

community, then at least provide at no cost, reverse osmosis units to

those of us not buying into this scheme."

Donna Westfall

City Councilwoman

Crescent City