Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Political discourse has devolved to school yard yammering

Sometimes I have trouble believing what I read in the letters section. What have we become? My big fat gas bag on the right is better than your big fat gas bag on the left. Can I really be "fair and balanced" if I have to tell you that I am?

Why go up and down the dial looking for something to hate or fear? Switch channels and get the lies on both sides of every question.

Really, name-calling? Saying that because you said I was wrong I must retaliate and call you un-American. If I oppose a war I am unpatriotic. If I don't want more taxes or bigger government then I am obstructionist. Democrats are leftists who want to tax and spend. Republicans are fascists who want to give all to corporations and starve the poor.

It all reminds me of school yard yammering that we should have all outgrown in the fourth grade. I believe when I am bound to either side so tightly I am bound to forget America.

Jerry Critz


All the accusations in court docs about Chief Plack are false

I would like to comment, negatively that is, on the Jan. 14 article

"City settles officer's suit for $250K."

Yes, you can cite all the court documents you want. However, the

truth has yet to be told and I can tell you this: All the accusations

are false.

Police Chief Doug Plack has higher standards than what they portray

him as. He would never, ever treat an employee with such dishonor. And

the accusations that were made do not warrant Chief Plack's denial! His

professionalism and dignity speak for itself.

Crystal Jones

Crescent City