Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Carla Critz' good ideas welcome at Del Norte Tea Party meetings

In response to Carla Critz' well-written Jan. 20 Coastal Voices piece, "Tea Party co-opted, corrupted," much could be added in response but since I agree with almost all of her statements and share her concerns there is little point in taking up space with my verbiage except to say:

You talk the talk well, Carla, but America needs more than talk. The Del Norte Tea Party Patriots meet the second and fourth Tuesday of every month at 6 p.m. at the exhibit building of the fairgrounds. I'm sure you would be most welcome.

Dale L. Bohling

Crescent City

Voters didn't choose Drossel, so why is he now a public defender?

Pardon my seeming ignorance of the election/selection system of the

popular vote.

In the selection of our public advocates we each voted our choice in

the Del Norte County district attorney. Mr. Alexander won the office.

His opponent was also an ex-DA and, after a close election, was

appointed to the office of public defender.

If the ex-DA was deemed unsuitable or unqualified by the electorate

for the office of DA, how can he serve as a public defender?

The political daisy chain spins on.

Richard R. Olive

Crescent City

State employee proves point: They don't appreciate problem

Regarding the Jan. 19 letter from Joanna Hawley-Jones ("As a

telecommuter, I need my state-funded cell phone"), thank you for your

reply to my Jan. 15 letter ("Additional things governor could do to save

Calif. govt. money").

This is my point exactly. Purchase your own unlimited phone for under

$90 a month. I am sure you were aware of the logistics of your state

job when you began employment with the state. Some of your monthly fees

would be tax deductible as a business-related expenses.

We, the public, should not have to be responsible for your phone

bill. I have personally seen state phones, cars and computers used for

personal matters by state, county, city employees and officials. We all

need to tighten our fiscal belts and public employees need to simply do

their part.

Gary Puente

Crescent City

Argument favoring health reform was not backed up with research

I am a little confused by Teri V. Markanson's Jan. 18 letter ("Tea

Party research lacking on issue of universal health care").

She seems to be arguing in favor of universal, government-run health

care, but backs that up with an implication that it would be free of

"bureaucratic red tape."

Teri, surely you understand that the one way to absolutely guarantee

bureaucratic red tape is to involve the government.

You also ask, "How ... can anyone not want ... financial freedom?"

Well, Teri, financial freedom is not free. Someone has to pay for it.

Since you criticize the Tea Party for lack of research, perhaps you

would like to share the results of your own research and tell us who

will be paying for this "financial freedom" you speak of.

Clif Shepard

Crescent City

I believe court allegations about Plack are true account of events

In response to the Jan. 21 letter by Crystal Jones ("All the

accusations in court docs about Chief Plack are false"), I can only

respond with, you have got to be kidding.

It is hard when someone you know, trust or even love has been accused

of this type of abuse of authority. I for one of many believe the court

documents are a true account of the actions that took place.

Benita Cabrera

Crescent City