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Want to know more about the Tea Party? Go see for yourself

Regarding the Jan. 20 Coastal Voices piece, "Tea Party co-opted, corrupted," I want to thank Carla Critz for her opinion. She has now opened her beliefs to debate.

First she claims to know the Tea Party perspective. If so why doesn't she state it? She claims that if the party is motivated by governments intrusion on our civil liberties, why not an angry cry against the warrantless wire-tapping program? The Tea Party saw its beginnings in 2008 and 2009. The wire-tapping program became public in December 2005 well before the party had its beginnings.

Same for the issue of corporations being granted the Fourteenth Amendment rights. The Supreme Court rulings concerning these rights began in 1886. Is the Tea Party responsible for not making a rally cry now?

Second, she cites the national debt. She uses as her premise that the

party was corrupted and did not care about two wars that were unfunded

since there was no party outcry.

Is this a logical statement? It would seem that the national debt was

a very serious problem long before these two wars and continues to be a

problem with recent entitlements enacted by Congress. Perhaps if we

listened to the founder Thomas Jefferson, who advised that Congress is

empowered to spend for the general welfare, for the whole nation, and

not for states, counties, cities, or special interest groups. The

original intent of Article 1.8.1 was later changed to approve spending

in all those areas by the Supreme Court in 1936, the Butler case.

Third, she seems to place the blame for America's woes on

corporations and their huge budgets for lobbyists. This relates back

again to the first point where the Supreme Court saw that corporations

are entitled to the Fourteenth Amendment rights.

How does any of this prove that the Tea Party has been co-opted or

corrupted? What evidence does she have showing money or influence

changing has occurred between party politicians and corporate America? I

find her beliefs based in the rally cries of the progressives in this

county and totally without proof.

Do the research and make your own determination. If you really want

to know what the party believes, don't rely on blogs and Internet

opinion. Go see for yourself. The next meeting is tonight at the


Jeff Stice

Crescent City