Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Thanks to all the agencies that attended First Five open house

My name is Christy Runnion and I am the Early Start Connections coordinator for Del Norte First Five. I wanted to thank all the agencies that attended our recent open house on Caring for our Babies from Pregnancy to Preschool.

I was delighted to meet all of you. I was surprised to learn about services that are offered that I was unaware of. I was especially fascinated to learn about Baby Signs. I thank all of you for what you do in our community.

Christy Runnion

Crescent City

Also wonders why Drossel was appointed as public defender

In response to Richard R. Olive's Jan. 22 letter ("Voters didn't

choose Drossel, why was he appointed as public defender?") I agree the

assessment and I too ask, why?

When we elect new supervisors, I would ask that we send a message

that we're not tolerant of the good ol' boy mentality any longer.

Bring in some new minds and fresh ideas and outlooks.

Randy Hodson Sr.

Crescent City