Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Prep sports stats are needed on the Triplicate sports page

I would like to compliment Triplicate Sports Editor Bill Choy for his good sports articles. I do have a request though.

Would it be possible to put the stats for the Del Norte-Humboldt League that we are a part of on the sports page like The Triplicate puts the stats for the NBA and NFL?

It would be nice to see how the other teams in our league are doing. I don't expect articles, just the stats.

Carolyn Hilger

Crescent City

Editor's note: The Triplicate has begun publishing Big 5 boys and girls basketball standings and results on a weekly basis. They will usually appear on Tuesday.

I believe evidence against Plack, don't think he should be chief

Yes it is now time to call an ace an ace, and a spade a spade. Doug

Plack should not be the chief of Police.

I believe the evidence is very strong against that guy according to

the small article about him not too long ago ("City settles officer's

suit for $250K).

They think that they are above the law. I don't think so. It is now

time for them to take accountability for their actions and fess up to

what these cops do here in this small town and quit ignoring the facts!

Tony Jacomella

Crescent City