Richard Wiens, The Triplicate

Regular readers of The Triplicate's Opinion page know that there is another type of "regular." As in prolific contributor.

While some people are rarely or never moved to write a letter to the editor or a longer Coastal Voices piece, there are others who always seem to have a missive in the works.

Fearful of letting the latter take over the page, the newspaper had adopted an informal policy before my arrival three years ago of publishing only one letter a month from any one individual. I must admit I have bent that rule a few times for various reasons. Sometimes an opinion prompts a critical response to which the original writer deserves a chance for an immediate counter-response. Other times, there is dearth of contributions and it makes no sense to hold back on a new letter from someone who had one published a couple of weeks earlier.

Every letter or Coastal Voices piece is a potential portal into the

community psyche - and a chance to get a conversation started that we

can all listen in on. While I share the concern of my predecessors that

the Opinion page might be taken over by a few frequent contributors, if

the prolific writers are raising new topics, making new points, a

greater good is served.

Also, we allow letters of up to 400 words. While some writers push

that limit, others might be moved to write only a sentence or two.

Should purveyors of such brevity really be prohibited from writing again

for a month?

Thirty days. That's a long time to go without a glimpse into the mind

of, say, Richard Miles. He drops off a handwritten letter every few

days. (Note: If you've got a computer, e-mail is the

preferred form of delivery.) There's a dozen or so other folks who

contribute with great regularity.

So I'm changing the unofficial rule to a limit of one letter every

two weeks, while still making an exception for the aforementioned

responses to responses.

I'll revert to 30-day rule during the run-up to local elections, when

we are typically deluged with letters. And it still applies at all

times to the longer Coastal Voices pieces.

Note that name, "Coastal Voices." What sets The Triplicate's Opinion

page apart is that it's the only place to find local viewpoints that run

the philosophical gamut. While the newspaper takes its own stands in

editorials, it has no problem printing the thoughts of those who


When the subject matter is local, all the better. I especially value

letters praising, criticizing or simply elaborating on Triplicate news

articles. Just as our front page is dominated by news of the North

Coast, the priority in printing letters or Coastal Voices pieces will

always go to those dealing with local topics. But if Del Norters want to

opine on national or international issues, that's okay too. To spice

things up on the page, we also offer California Focus columns by Thomas

Elias and out-of-town newspaper editorials of regional or statewide


There are some hard-and-fast rules, and they are listed each day on

this page under the heading, "We welcome your views." For instance, we

don't print personal attacks on private citizens, poetry, religious

tracts, consumer complaints and overt advertising, to name a few. We

also reserve the right to edit - for brevity, and to remove material

that we either know to be false or that would require our staff's time

to verify (the latter falls into the category of news tip - something we

may choose to investigate, but won't simply print as-is).

There are a lot of judgment calls when it comes to putting together

the Opinion page, and I'm the one who makes them. If you disagree with

one of those calls, write a letter. Share with the group.