Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Church-state separation and natural law mischaracterized

The Feb. 1 Triplicate contained a Costal Voices piece by Sybil Saxelby ("Look closer at the National Center for Constitutional Studies") concerning conservative persons and organizations. She begins by a personal attack on Glenn Beck ("chubby, pink jowls"). She also derides books by Cleon Skousen.

Ms. Saxelby, "natural law" has more than one meaning. The founders of this country believed the Natural Law came from God. Separation of church and state, which I am sure you know, is not in the Constitution but the Constitution did mean to keep the government out of religion because of the interference by the government in England through the Church of England. It was never meant to keep religion out of government.

The constitution prohibits the establishment of religion by the state. The constitution is not a "living breathing document" as liberals (progressives) like to think, but a set of principles based on moral considerations as best prescribed by God.

As for twisting the Constitution, I only see this as occurring through progressives who want to change the Constitution through judicial activism instead of the procedure prescribed in the Constitution itself (amendment).

Glenn Felix

Crescent City

Inez Castor missed; please reprint columns in absence

Two weeks without a Gopher Gulch and no word from Inez. The situation

seems to be more serious than The Triplicate lets on. I think what the

paper described as "a run-in with a horse" was actually a run-over by a


No matter what the gory details (and I hope Inez will share them

with us when she heals), I wish her a speedy recovery.

You are missed, Inez.

And may I include a request for The Triplicate? In Inez's absence,

can the paper reprint some of her previous columns (any of her favorites

will keep us going until she returns to active duty).

Willie Gilbert


Cutting First 5 would harm small communities such as Del Norte

I wrote the following to Assemblyman Wesley Chesbro and state Sen.

Doug LaMalfa:

Del Norte First Five provides an excellent service to the community. I

deeply believe if Gov. Brown would visit rural counties with First Five

sites he would understand why his idea of cutting any funds from this

program would harm small communities.

Here in Del Norte, First Five is working with other community

partners to bring needed services to children. I deeply believe every

child is the future of California. I would like to tell you of my

involvement with my local First Five offices. For a few years I served

on the Del Norte County Library District. I voted to purchase the Wonder

Bus from through state library funding. Because of the loss of timber

funds and other funding cuts, the library could no longer support this

service in the community. First Five stepping in and taking over the

operation of the Wonder Bus with early childhood literacy programs makes

it possible to give children a head's-up to enter kindergarten and

first grade.

I have witnessed the interaction of staff here with children coming

to the Family Resource Center. One program the center has is "Play and

Learn." Recently, I saw the joy in the face of a little boy with autism.

He was working with a teacher from the Pacific Child Family Association

(PCFA). For the first time, this little boy was saying, "hi,"

"goodbye," and learning how to wave goodbye. If the two of you could

have seen this simple human interaction you would know to keep the

funding for rural First Fives.

I suggested to First Five to create a children's garden. Children are

growing food and learning how to eat better because of this program.

Programs like this would be impossible if the funding for statewide

First Five was cut.

Richard M. Miles

Crescent City

Numerous reasons to support moving Teen Clinic to Two Trees

I think the Del Norte Community Health Center is right on with its

idea to move the Teen Clinic to Two Trees. I agree that more teens can

be offered services with a more private location than the Health Center


I worked with abused kids and teens for 14 years and I can tell you

many of them have no safe adult to go to in a crisis. Being physically

or sexually abused leaves teen girls up to six times more likely to

become pregnant and two times as likely to report a sexually transmitted

disease, according to

Some parents think that the clinic would offer too much information

to teens about sexual health. I liken that to not teaching children to

cross the street safely because then they will cross the street. Of

course they are going to cross the street at some point. Not teaching

safety around it could be very dangerous to them.

The same holds true for teens. If they are not taught safety around

their sexual health then how can we expect them to make healthy choices

when the option is presented to them? Too many teens don't have a role

model for healthy relationships. They deserve to have this vital


I don't promote teens having sex but I know that many of them are.

Some before they reach high school. The clinic will provide the exact

same information that is available at the Community Health Center. The

difference is that so many more of our young adults can access the

information and learn about how to choose healthy decision-making rather

than carelessly putting themselves at risk.

Many of the teens who will use these services are already patients of

the clinic. Waiting for an appointment at the current Teen Clinic is

not safe for all teens. Those who are being abused could be put in

harm's way if someone saw them waiting for an appointment and reported

this information to an abusive partner or parent.

The School Board will hear from Beth Chaton, Humboldt Office of

Education, about what the state of California requires that schools

teach teens about sexual health. She will speak at the Feb. 10 School

Board meeting around 7 p.m.

Then board members will hear from community members how they feel

about the move. Please come out and voice your thoughts.

Benita Cabrera

Crescent City