Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Is it too much to expect of parents to feed their own children instead of government?

Reading the Jan. 24 article, "Menu of Changes," left me wondering when the families of this country became unable to feed their children.

Now it seems the government, through the schools, have taken on parents' responsibilities for the most basic necessities of a successful society.

Are we truly unable to understand what is good or poor eating habits for ourselves and family? What a shameful situation. I recommend that all children bring lunch and other necessary food to school with them, provided by the parents who chose to raise a family.

Preparing a healthy, nutritious lunch and snack for your child costs only a couple of dollars a day if you shop wisely. Is this really too much to expect from a civilized society?

We are capable of taking care of ourselves and family without government assistance. History has shown this to be true. Let's do it again.

Brett Bergman

Smith River