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Abortions against laws of God, cause economic, social upheaval

As Congress is about to make the hard decisions for all the lives of seniors, the poor, and our children, lets look back a few years and see where going against the laws of God and nature can cause great economic and social upheaval.

Here's a few statistics I looked up about our vanishing work force in the United States in comparison to seniors retiring.

Since Roe v. Wade was enacted, in the USA alone we have murdered over 53 million babies and in many cases it has been used as a form of birth control. Now, keep in mind that since it's been over 35 years since Roe v. Wade passed into law.

We're not just talking about 53 million, because many of these

aborted children would have had children, and they would have had

children, so the numbers are insurmountable. On top of this statistic,

families are choosing not to have as many children. Whether it's

because of economics or just because they want smaller families, the

result is the same.

In 1960, the average family had 4.8 children as compared to 2011,

when the average family now has 2.5.

Can you see where I'm going? As a country we no longer encourage

family units. The present administration wants to end tax credits for

families. Did you know a child who reaches 17 no longer is allowed as a

tax deduction whether they are in school or not.? So we are actually

being fined for having a family.

These babies were future teachers, scientists, mathematicians,

astronauts, engineers, doctors, inventors, and the list goes on.

These little lives are not just a mass of useless tissue that has no

purpose. Whatever has happened to these mothers is not the fault of this

unborn soul.

For the last 45 years we have killed our future and our workforce and

now we whine. No matter where you stand on this issue these are the

hard facts. Whether you like them or you don't the numbers tell the


Any action will ultimately cause a reaction either positive or


Sandy Bomar

Crescent City

Calif. GOP will lose if it keeps scapegoating immigrants, gays

In his Feb. 2 California Focus column ("GOP whistles past Latino

graveyard again"), Thomas D. Elias suggests that the Republicans woo

Latino or Hispanic or Mexican-American voters by stressing "moral values

that appeal to both the huge Catholic majority among California

Hispanics and the increasing number of fundamentalist Protestants among


"Moral values" is usually a code for "anti-gay." This kind of negative

value, picking a scapegoat to deflect attention from the economic

issues, is a dead-end for the Republicans. It will work in rural areas,

and has been effective among older voters, but for young urbanites and

almost anyone with an education, it's a non-starter.

As Mr. Elias points out, supporting public education might help. I would

add favoring environmental protections, maintaining Social Security,

and providing more jobs, even if they are government jobs paid for by

taxing the very rich.

Unless Republicans are willing to actually do something positive instead

of blaming gays and immigrants for our problems, they are bound to


Barry Wendell

Crescent City