Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Tea Party is for protecting rights

Regarding Sybil Saxelby's Coastal Voices piece, ("Look closer at the NCCS, Feb. 1), you have your opinion, and the folks you discuss have theirs. It's a free country. You have inalienable rights, which are protected by the Constitution. These rights are Natural Law, as opposed to governmental law, which, on the other hand, is supposed to protect our rights and freedoms. I believe this concept of Natural Law is exactly in keeping with the law school definition that you quote, i.e. the freedom of the individual in his "pursuit of happiness."

So where does all your fear and loathing come from when you say that the interpretation of the Constitution presented at the Tea Party seminar "would effectively dictate how each of us should live and should think in our society?" Again, we have freedom of expression. No one is dictating. You say "That Glenn Beck has decided what religion we are to apply to the functioning of our Constitution is absurd." Again, we have freedom of religion. Glenn Beck does not decide for you. I don't understand how his or anyone's opinion is "an abuse of the rights of all who differ."

And you don't believe in "twisting" the Constitution to fit how the

government rules. I wholeheartedly agree! That is exactly what the Tea

Party is against, too much government. And that brings us back to the

Constitution seminar, which was based on the concept that the government

does not give us our rights. It protects our rights. It should not

encroach upon our rights.

But what about you? You say, "Celebrate the right to your own

religious belief, but keep it to yourself where it properly belongs."

Are you "abusing" my right of free expression?

Joan Miles

Crescent City

In God we may trust - but verify

The latest phone directory for the Crescent City area indicates

approximately 20 or more houses of worship tasked with bringing the

faithful to salvation.

On Saturday, Jan. 30, after watching for the second time a televised

rerun of the City Council's Jan. 18 session wherein the council

advocated posting the religious bon mot ("In God we trust") in some

highly visible area, one brave, redeemed soul stood to testify as to the

sanctity of the phrase, proclaiming it to be the law of the land and

woe be unto he who would desecrate the holy writ.

Be all of that true or nay proclaim if thou will, but remember the

sage advice of the great communicator Sir Ron of Borax and Stovepipe

Wells, "Trust but verify."

Richard R. Olive

Crescent City