Triplicate Staff

Erroneous to say rural, elderly, uneducated have poor judgment

I was astounded by Barry Wendell's letter regarding "moral values" ("Calif. GOP will lose if it keeps scapegoating immigrants, gays," Feb. 5). He states that California Focus columnist Thomas D. Elias suggested that Republicans woo Mexican-American voters by stressing moral values that appeal to Catholics and fundamental Protestants. He goes on to say that "moral values" is usually a code for anti-gay. Mr. Wendell states that this might work in rural areas, among uneducated or an older populace, but for young urbanites and almost anyone with an education, it's a non-starter.

This is one of the most condescending, erroneous statements I've ever read. I have a college education and have lived in big cities. I hardly think I have better judgment or more intelligence than my elderly neighbors or those bucolic individuals who are deprived of the culture and sophistication of our cities. They might just feel, as I do, that this deprivation is a plus.

Moral values is not a code for anti-gay, it's not a code for anything but a decent way of life. If we live as well as we can, if we are responsible, caring people who help those less fortunate or temporarily in need, if we are solid citizens in our communities, some of us raising families and some not, but being honest and trustworthy and treating others as we would like to be treated - that is having moral values.

Shirley Borrego

Crescent City

'My Backpack' project provides for children entering shelter care

As the program manager for the Social Services Branch of the Del

Norte County Department of Health and Human Services, I would like to

express our deep appreciation of the efforts made by Maryanne Fallman

and CASA of Del Norte on behalf of children experiencing out-of-home


We are pleased to be able to present the backpacks from the "My

Backpack" project, which have been specially filled for each age and

gender, to children and youth as they enter shelter care.

While Child Welfare can provide clothing for children and youth

during business hours, the backpacks and new sweat clothes, socks and

flip-flops give a personalized care package to children at any time of

need, day or night.

We are very grateful to each of the individual sponsors of this

endeavor, including: First Five Del Norte, 4H Sewing Club, Hilda

Contreras, Del Norte Wellness Center, Walmart, Lighthouse Quilt Guild,

Girl Scout Troop #503, Ladies of Grace Lutheran Church, Carolyn Gavin,

Del Norte Child Care Council and Vicky Stamps.

Crystal Markytan

Crescent City

Repealing health reform would hurt seniors, kids and the deficit

People pursuing health care now are beginning to appreciate the

Affordable Health Care Act. They won't lose their insurance with illness

or accidents, or when they graduate, or if they change jobs. Seniors,

pregnant women, and disabled children are safely insured as well.

Republicans in Congress want to take all this progress away, adding

trillions to our deficit.

Mary T. Mills

Crescent City

Rumiano shows leadership in non-GMO food production

Appreciation and congratulations to Rumiano Cheese for getting

certified for the use of non-genetically modified organisms.

In an age when large corporations are looking at the bottom line

profitability instead of the health of the people, it's refreshing to

have our local company become a leader of the pack.

Back in the mid-1980s, I was vice president of the Santa Barbara

Farmer's Market. We had some of the famous restaurant owners and chefs,

including Julia Child, who was a delight, shop at our market. Many of

our growers were certified organic, including myself. The process takes a

bit of time, but in my opinion, it's well worth the end results.

My fervent wish is that our community become more active in starting

healthy gardens in their yards, learn about organic gardening, work

toward removing the toxic industrial waste product currently added to

our drinking water (fluoride) and shop and support Rumiano Cheese for

its bold step.

Donna Westfall

Crescent City

Editor's note: Donna Westfall is a member of the Crescent City Council.