Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Beware that U-turns are banned unless otherwise posted in Ore.

Warning to California drivers in Oregon! I have lived my whole life in California and have made U-turns, unless posted that you cannot. However, in Oregon, it is the opposite. You can never make a U-turn at an intersection unless it says it's okay.

Recently, while driving in Oregon, I received a $170 citation for making a U-turn at a lighted intersection, on a green arrow, with no other cars nearby.

I have lived here in Crescent City for six years and never heard of this law. Only if a sign says you can make a U-turn in Oregon is it then okay.

Other states that have no U-turns unless marked are Wisconsin and Missouri.

If you were ever looking for a reason to shop locally, maybe this will help out. It's not worth the gas and saving on sales tax if you are going to be a government revenue source.

Jeff Graham

Crescent City

Only way to get govt. to end its profligate ways is to rise up

I attended my first Tea Party meeting Tuesday night and learned

somethings I did not know and verified things that I suspected.

The main thing that was verified in my mind

is this country is broke, both figuratively and literally. The way I

see it, we can do one of

three things: One, stick our heads in the sand

and let things just happen. Two, sit on our hands and let the

"government" continue to lead us

down the path we are going. Or three, "we the people" can rise up and

let our representatives know we are not happy with the status quo and

want a change!

Yes, this takes time and effort on our part, but as I see it, this is

what it is going to take to get this country back on track. Which

option will you choose?

Philip L. Jamieson