Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Vehicle speeds also a problem on 1000 block of Highway 101

Regarding the Friday article "Man dies hours after car collides with wheelchair," the 1000 block of Highway 101 is my neighborhood.

In addition to poor lighting, speed is a big problem. Southbound drivers haven't slowed down yet, northbound drivers are speeding up anticipating the freeway ahead.

A large apartment complex and two mobile home parks sit behind commercial buildings here. Lots of people on foot, some in wheelchairs.

It can be terrifying to attempt a crossing. Please slow down.

Judy Wolfe

Crescent City

Op-ed blaming Obama for deficit, economy is full of incorrect info

It's not clear to me why the Triplicate devoted nearly a half page to

a Coastal Voices piece by Paul Crandall on Feb. 10 since it was one of

the most biased pieces I've ever read and full of incorrect information.

First he blames the high national debt all on Obama, which is

ridiculous. In truth the two presidents who increased the debt the most

during their administrations were George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan -

both Republicans. Bush, in particular turned a budget surplus left by a

Democratic president into a huge debt.

How come these so-called fiscal conservatives never complained once

when Bush passed a prescription drug bill costing billions without

making any attempt to pay for it with current revenue and then spent

billions more on an unnecessary and unfunded war against Iraq followed

by a big tax cut for the rich, which made the deficit even bigger?

Next, Mr. Crandall blames the country's joblessness on Obama.

However, if we look at facts instead of just making unsupported

allegations we find that during the last 12 months of Bush's

administration there was a steady net loss of jobs every month.

It wasn't until Obama took office that there started to be a net

increase in jobs, and this has continued in almost every month since.

Granted the increase hasn't been large enough to reduce the unemployment

rate much, but an increase is still better than the net losses during

Bush's last year.

So I hardly think the high unemployment rate can be blamed on Obama. I

think the blame more rightly belongs on those Republicans who voted for

tax incentives for companies that shipped their jobs overseas.

I do agree with Mr. Crandall's assertion that more transparency in

our government would be a good thing. But that's a problem both parties

have, and Dick Cheney is more guilty of doing his dirty work behind

closed doors than almost any other politician in memory.

Don Stewart