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Lack of courage, conviction in administration like never before

A Feb. 10 Coastal Voices piece I wrote, "Time to look under the hood," resulted in a letter from Don Stewart, another Klamath resident ("Op-ed blaming Obama for deficit, economy is full of incorrect info," Feb. 12). I wish to respectively respond.

Mr. Stewart inaccurately suggested I blamed Obama for the entire national debt. I actually blamed Obama for our national (federal) deficit "exploding" to $1.3 trillion.

I don't believe I inferred that Republicans were fiscally anything, let along being "fiscally responsible." But an inspection of debt figures going back to 1987 shows that the modern-day Democrat party, when controlling both houses of Congress, does in fact spend more money than its Republican counterparts.

If you throw in a Democrat president to rubber stamp their agenda, you lose trust, transparency and accountability.

Mr. Stewart states that jobs were steadily lost during the last 12 months of the Bush Jr. administration. In fact, during the 2001 to 2008 Bush Jr. years, unemployment ran up from 4.6 percent to 7.4 percent. It is also a fact that Obama's unemployment figures were 10 percent and 9.5 percent at year's end for 2009 and 2010, respectively.

This isn't a personal attack on Obama. It is an indictment of the lack of focus, courage, conviction and understanding lacking in this particular administration, a lacking I have never witnessed before in our country, based on rhetoric and apart from today's reality.

Paul Crandall


Del Norte Library Foundation helps get computers for library

The library will be getting new public access Internet computers at

both the main branch in Crescent City and at the Smith River branch.

The library is able to purchase these computers as a result of a

generous donation from the Del Norte Library Foundation. The foundation

was established in 1983 and supports the library district's efforts to

secure more stable and sustainable funding. Funds from the foundation

are used to buy books, equipment and facility maintenance.

The Del Norte Library Foundation receives donations from local

residents. These are held in a specific fund in the Wild Rivers

Community Foundation and only the generated interest is disbursed to the

library district. Donations are accepted year-round at P.O. Box 1457,

Crescent City, CA 95531.

With the economic downturn and the governor's proposed elimination of

library funding, this donation from the foundation is greatly

appreciated. New public Internet computers for the library would not

have been possible without the Del Norte Library Foundation.

Linda Kaufmann

Crescent City

Appalled by budget Pres. Obama gave Congress for many reasons

I sent this letter to President Obama:

Dear Mr. President:

I am appalled by the budget you sent to Congress. That budget


andbull; A 5 percent increase in military spending next year;

andbull; Ten more years of funding for war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

At the same time your budget:

andbull; Slashes funding for winter heat assistance for those living in


andbull; Further dismantles what little is left of the safety net for poor

and working families.

I am a lifelong Democrat. This is not the sort of budget I expect

from a president who is a member of the Democratic Party andhellip; at least not

the Democratic Party I believe in.

Here's the truth:

andbull; We can't afford the global empire your administration is trying to

preserve for Wall Street.

andbull; We can't afford more government welfare billionaires andhellip; or even the

ones we have today.

andbull; We can't afford a president who will stand up for the empire but

not for his people.

Mr. President, bring the troops home from Iraq now; end the war in

Afghanistan now; end the war on poor and working people now.

Mr. President, raise taxes on the filthy rich; you can start with a

50 percent tax on corporate bonuses. Focus on government's core

function: providing for the basic needs of the American people.

Felice Pace


Del Norte lost a talented, caring, dedicated, hard-working person

Recently, a small space was devoted to inform us that Charles

("Chuck") Hartwick had passed away. This letter is not to condemn the

space allocated, but to serve as a small window into a portion of the

very busy, active life of one talented, dedicated, hard-working, caring


As the president of the Del Norte Amateur Radio Club, I speak on

behalf of all members to express our sadness and grief at Chuck's

passing, and to offer sincere condolences to Chuck's family and friends.

At the same time we are and have been blessed to have known and

worked with Chuck; we have all greatly benefited from his efforts and

kindnesses. Chuck was always the first to arrive at any meeting,

function, party or event. He had usually done all or most of the

planning and work, and he was usually the last to leave, making sure all

was cleaned up and left better than when we arrived.

His organizational skills were incomparable, and his dedication to

completion of a multitude of big tasks is yet awe-inspiring. In short,

he was the workhorse, the muscle and brains behind it all.

God be with Chuck's beloved family.

Thanks, Chuck, for all the great times. Get things ready for us "up

there," OK?

Fred Wagner, AD6FC

president, Del Norte

Amateur Radio Club

Taxes raised for $100K+ earners under Reagan and economy grew

Regarding Don Stewart's letter on Reaganomics ("Op-ed blaming Obama

for deficit, economy is full of incorrect info," Feb. 12), I would like

to add some information on The Reagan Era, in context.

Personal income taxes paid by Americans earning over $100,000 rose

from 29 percent to nearly 36 percent, while federal income taxes were

eliminated for the poor.

Federal revenues nearly doubled, and yes, federal spending far

exceeded that pace, and drove the national debt from $909 billion to

$2.6 trillion. A large portion of that was to expand the military, which

in turn ended the Cold War.

Yet the 1980s marked a period of economic stability and growth.

Almost 20 million more Americans were employed at the end of the Reagan

era than when he took office, and not just in low paid, unskilled jobs

either! Over one-third were for progressive and managerial positions,

and skilled manufacturing. By the way, in January 2009 the unemployment

rate was 7.6, today it is at 9.4. President Obama promised that if the

"stimulus bill" was passed, unemployment would not rise above 8 percent.

Ronald Reagan often said, "Get government off the backs of the

people." Off our backs and out of our wallets!

Virginia Walworth

Crescent City