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Feds should let birds and bees do what comes naturally to them

Charles Robert Darwin, in "Origin of the Species," gave us the theory of evolution with the concept of natural selection. Today, natural selection is happening in our redwood forests.

The law of natural selection tells us organisms that adapt to their environment tend to survive and transmit their genetic characters while those less adapted tend to be eliminated. A new species of an owl is being created by the mating of the northern spotted owl and the eastern barred owl.

Do these two owls know something we "humans" do not understand? Federal biologists say that the smaller eastern barred owl is throwing a big monkey wrench into the protected status of the spotted owl. They are pondering a plan to kill thousands of eastern barred owls and their offspring with the spotted owl. Where is the human outcry? Could it be these two birds have found a way to create a new gene pool that has created a new species that could meet the demands of climate change and the damage that clear cutting has done?

By hybridizing, the spotted owl and the eastern barred owl themselves have created a new genus of owls. My question is, does the U.S. Forest Service have a new name for this new sub-species. Maybe, they could call it the Jefferson Owl after the state of Jefferson.

Let these two birds enjoy their mating dances. Man should stay out of their relationship. Maybe Mother Nature knows best. It is something she has been doing over a million years.

Richard Miles

Crescent City

We need to think carefully about how we abet local homelessness

The homeless problem is always here. There is no way to solve it. We

have to live with it. That is not right. Maybe we should look into other

state laws.

First question is, why do they come to our town? Is it because they

know they can stay without the cops bothering them? Over half of them do

not have to be homeless, they choose to be like they are. We have no

place for them, so they live out in the woods or in our backyards. They

beg for money in front of our stores or right in front of our homes.

We need to wake up, get a place and have something for the ones that

really need help. But most of them want money. We need to put a stop to


Instead of money, offer to give them food. If they are really hungry,

they take it. We cause them to be here. We need to stop supporting

their habit. That is why they continue to come back here.

We need to show them that we aren't supporting their habits anymore.

We want our town safe for us and our children.

Suzanne Littlefair

Crescent City