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High time to drive out leaders favoring illegal immigrants

The Feb. 8, 2011, edition of the Times-Standard of Eureka carried three pictures released by the Eureka Police Department's Drug Task Force displaying among other related things a dinner plate full of black tar heroin destined for our North Coast communities' streets and children. Wouldn't you just love to have your youngsters introduced to this devil's delight at some party they had the misfortune to attend?

The interdiction of the five and a half pounds of this evil substance was the result of a series of busts over a two-week period. The net amount was 15 times the amount seized in all of 2010. Does any fool among us believe that that is just a fluke, a glitch, and is not repeated on a slightly lesser scale, perhaps, with all the other coastal communities?

Where did this slow-death substance come from? Along with an undisclosed amount of cash the interdictions netted six suspects from Mexico. Along with these six, two other conspirators allegedly in possession of heroin were netted in Arcata, where it is speculated that deliveries were being made by two of the illegal Mexican dealers at the time of arrest.

Unmentioned thus far is the 54 pounds of marijuana and an amount of

methamphetamine. Task Force Commander Daniel Harwood stated that they

had confirmation that the heroin is being moved by Mexican drug cartels.

Why should this be a surprise to any thinking person?

Sunday brought an alarming Fox News report that the drug cartels are

being aligned with the terrorist organization Hezbollah. Concern among

Mexican authorities has arisen as the threat of terrorist techniques are

being adapted from the Middle East lexicon of terror, with emphasis on

the use of bombs. The Department of Homeland Security has documented

more than 180,000 illegal aliens from OTM (other than Mexico) from 2007

through mid-March 2010.

Since the cartels have exhibited terrorist activities on their own

and now with the actual joining of forces with known terror

organizations, I ask why the cartels and anyone that has contact with

them should not be declared terrorist organizations.

We know that our own elected leaders will never opt to seal off the

southern border, so it's high time we, the voters, drive them pell-mell

from their ensconced seats of power. It's way past time for American

voters to wake up and look at the handiwork of their socio/political


Dale L. Bohling

Crescent City