Del Norte Triplicate Readers

I witness a pattern of kindness and generosity in our town

Last week, for the umpteenth time, Marty returned my previously ailing Hyundai. It is now full of energy and good health again. I discovered Crescent City 18 years ago and Marty's Auto Repair and Muffler a little later. After "iffy" auto services in Southern California, it was an unbelievable relief to find a service that was, still is, dependable, trustworthy, courteous, and even goes the extra mile.

All that I witness in our town seem to reflect this pattern of

kindness, generosity, and good spirit. The schools, organizations,

businesses, professionals and the newspaper where I read about them, we

see them making life the best they can for we the people.

Mary Mills

Crescent City

I can see how easily elders here can be taken advantage of

In April of 2010, my 76-year-old grandmother's 2002 Ford Explorer was

stolen. My grandmother and I were in the home at the time and the

burglar snuck in through the back door sometime between 1 and 5 a.m.

while we were sleeping. The burglar took the keys from her purse and

then took the vehicle from the garage. The title was in the vehicle when

it was stolen and the thief forged my grandmother's name and sold the

vehicle to a local man.

Since then, we have done everything we can to try to get it back. I

have gone to the Highway Patrol, the Del Norte County Sheriff's Office,

the DMV and Elder Protective Services and no one will even investigate

it. I even went directly to the District Attorney's Office when Mike

Riese was in office and his office also failed to take action on it.

I went to the man who purchased the car and told him that he had received a stolen vehicle with a forged title, to no avail.

My grandmother is not wealthy. She lives on a limited fixed income

and relies on family to care for her. She paid approximately $18,000 off

the lot, which represented a lot of money to her. She is one of the

vulnerable dependents in the community who needs to be protected.

No matter what Del Norte weather is like now, my grandmother walks

everywhere. I don't even have a vehicle of my own and I do my best to

arrange transportation for her, but this isn't right. My grandmother had

a career in nursing and cared for others and now it's time for others

to help her. I am so disappointed that something like this could happen

to her.

I love my grandmother, but I can see how easily the elders in our

community can be taken advantage of and why they are afraid to try and

get help. They deserve better than to be left at the side of the road at

the mercy of the unscrupulous. I have not given up trying to get

justice for her and I hope now that we have Jon Alexander as the new

district attorney, crimes like this will get more attention.

Misty Reaves

Crescent City

Wis. unions, president colluding to keep all of teachers' benefits

Everyone should now be able to see who lies and is selfish. After the

shooting of Rep. Giffords in Arizona, the liberals blamed the Tea Party

for creating the environment for that shooting by showing cross-hairs

of a telescope. Now they use that same image showing the Wisconsin

governor in the cross-hairs.

The unions in Wisconsin and our president are in collusion to keep

overpaid teachers and other public employees from losing any benefits.

Candidate Obama received millions of dollars from unions for his

presidential election. Where do you think his loyalty is? Why is this

president butting into Wisconsin state business when he is bankrupting

America? Wisconsin will have a $3.6 billion shortfall by 2013. Wisconsin

teachers earn about 1.5 times the average household salary, including


The fundamental question, in my opinion, is, who will run the state

and set priorities? Will the duly elected officials or unions make the

decisions?' As Andy Stern said several years ago as president of the

SEIU, "We use the power of persuasion first. If it doesn't work, we try

the persuasion of power." According to the American Institute for

Economic Research in 2008, unions spent $74.5 million in campaign

contributions with $68.3 million going to Democrats. Unions, when they

step beyond their proper use, become dictatorial and demanding.

President Obama has again stepped beyond his role of protector of

every state and staying out of disputes within a state. He has been

bought and paid for by unions and his participation in Wisconsin's

affairs show how biased he is.

The teachers lied about being sick and attending the sit-in. What

great examples of honesty they are. The teachers should lose their pay

and benefits for the days they missed and the ringleader should be

fired. The liberal legislators who ran away should have to pay their own

bill for not being in session. Liberals cannot stand up to the truth or

the legal rights of all citizens.

Marlowe Thompson

Crescent City