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Federal legislators shouldn't be allowed to serve twice in a row

With the current national deficit that the federal government is trying to solve, here's a thought and an issue that should be considered.

Although the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate are elected officials, the voters seem totally blind to the fact that they are steadfastly stuck in their ways, yet they're consistently re-elected.

The House of Representatives and Senate should have a re-election limitation, only being able to serve one term after which they must skip a term before being elected once again.

Doing this would thereby create a rotation throughout the House and Senate, bringing the voters fresh views and new ideas. The new faces may very well have suggestions and perceptions as to how to handle the deficit.

The way things are now, the voters are stuck with the same old

officials. They may be elected, but these same old faces are all

unyielding, uncompromising and unwilling to consider any new alternative

options to solving the national deficit.

The majority of them have served more than one term and they're set

in their ways. This is definitely a case where the metaphor, "You can't

teach an old dog new tricks," can be seen in action!

Problem is once elected politicians are in office, we, the voters, no

longer have any power or control over what they do.

Americans need to be extremely conscientious when voting because once

elected we can't change it. We're stuck!

Jill Bausch

Crescent City

Pres. should be impeached for deeming DOMA unconstitutional

President Obama has announced that his adminstration will no longer

enforce or defend the Defense of Marriage Act because he has determined

that the act is unconstitutional.

It is the administrative branch of government's job to enforce and

defend any existing law. It is the judicial branch that determines the

constitutionality of a law.

So our president won't do his job, but presumes to take on the

responsibility of the judicial branch.

Impeachment anybody? It is long overdue.

Glenn Felix

Crescent City