Del Norte Triplicate Readers

People of Crescent City need to keep dogs confined to property

My family and I moved to Crescent City about a month ago. As a runner, I have been encountered by more dogs in this county that are not fenced.

My dog and I have been chased or followed by at least one to two dogs per day. The majority are friendly. Unfortunately, sometimes these dogs will follow us for a good half-mile away from their homes. Despite my repeated attempts to get them to go away, they don't.

I have to carry mace to protect me from these loose dogs. My dog has even gotten attacked by a dog, who first almost got hit by a car in a 50-mph zone.

I do not understand how dog owners can be so irresponsible when it comes to their dogs. Aren't dogs supposed to be confined to their yards when the owner is not with them, not walking around the city like people?

I'd like to say to the people of Crescent City, please keep your dogs safe by confining them.

Jeannie Horton

Crescent City

Thanks to all who participated in supporting Warriors basketball

Jennifer, Nicholas, Jenna and I want to extend our gratitude to this

community and The Triplicate for the kindness and encouragement you have

extended to Nicholas and our family. Throughout this basketball season

everywhere we have gone someone has complimented us on Nick and the

team's season.

The articles and photos in The Triplicate have filled our scrapbook

and given extended family a taste of a winning season.

Our special thanks to Chuck Blackburn, Donny Mattz and Dennis Gill

for the years of bringing the games to our homes, and our hearts. You

will be missed!

There are so many special people that have encouraged us this year (I

will thank you personally), that I can't list them all. Good luck,

Coach Alexander, thanks for the run! God speed in all you do, we love


Thank you Del Norters for the support.

Jeff McBride

Crescent City

Others in community should be credited for parenting class

Regarding the Thursday article, "Birth and Beyond," I greatly

appreciated Kelley Atherton's comprehensive description of the program

and my own role in its implementation.

Although I have been an active participant in helping develop the

program, I feel that it is very important to recognize that the success

of the program is due to a community-wide effort.

In particular, the obstetrics nurses from Sutter Coast Hospital,

specifically: Beth Reyman, Tana Healy, Kathi Swarts and Kelly Worley,

have made this program possible.

They designed and now teach the first four classes of the program.

They also provide exceptional support to participants who deliver their

babies at Sutter Coast Hospital.

In addition, the staff of the Sutter Coast Community Clinic and

Family Resource Center, as well as First 5 VISTA Volunteer Sarah Demuth,

have all been instrumental in helping with logistics and support for

the program. We couldn't have gotten it off the ground without their


I am deeply appreciative of their efforts and the community support

that has gone into making this program possible. It takes a village to

raise a child and we can be proud of our community for working to create

a program that supports parents as they take on one of the most

important jobs in life.

Dr. Christy Seed

Crescent City