Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Business owners should be asked about Tsunami Landing

Regarding the Thursday article, "City: Remove Tsunami Landing," I

disagree with a statement that Councilwoman Kathryn Murray made before

she voted on taking down the covered walkway.

Before we have any community input on the future of Tsunami Landing, the

owners of the buildings in that area need to be asked what they would

like. My reasoning for saying this, one only has to look at the empty

buildings in our downtown. These owners may want a bigger say on what

happens next because they need to fill their empty buildings with

tenants. They need to fill these spaces to begin the economic recovery

of our downtown area.

Also, I disagree with Councilwoman Kelly Schellong when she made the

suggestion that the city bring back Second Street to our downtown area.

Come on, Kelly, do you want to see SUVs making their way past our public

library? Bad idea, Kelly!

Before the city has any public meetings, my city staff needs to get out

their pencils and work on the real numbers of what it would cost the

city to replace the overhang. The city should come up with a real vision

on what it would like to do before we have any public meeting. I also

believe that the owners of the buildings in that area should share in

the cost of the city to replace the walkway if redevelopment funds go


For years they have made a profit from the existence of the old walkway

and the city should ask Business Improvement District people to use some

of their funds, too. More and more, the downtown area is looking like a

ghost town out of the Old West. If something is not done soon, the city

should roll up the downtown and let it become a ghost town. Now that

would be a theme for my city.

I'm aware that our mayor has a drawing that he has made of what his

concept for a new replacement would look like. Maybe the editor of our

paper should think about putting that drawing on the front page. We need

to create new public spaces with public art, a space for an outdoor

theater and a space for community events. I believe if we did this,

slowly the downtown would recover.

There was once a baseball movie that said, "If you build it, they will

come." Yes, the "Field of Dreams" had a positive message. It's time that

the businesses in this area stop putting their heads in the sand and

start thinking out of the box and create a new dream for people to start

shopping downtown. This only makes simple business sense.

Richard Miles

Crescent City

Character-building impressive at Crescent Elk Middle School

Regarding the discussion about character-building in our schools, I want to recognize Mr. Bill Hartwick, teachers, staff, and especially the students of Crescent Elk Middle School.

In the fall, I attended a school assembly at Crescent Elk Middle School. The sixth-grade students gave a performance titled "This is My Country."This special presentation was performed for the upper classmates. I certainly enjoyed the performance. However, I was most impressed by the appropriate behavior of the audience of students.

Having arrived early, I observed the various classes entering the auditorium. Each teacher had excellent control of his or her students. There was the normal chatter of students, but it was at a very respectable tone and level. Students quickly took their seats in their assigned sections. Once seated, the students raised hands if they needed their teacher's assistance, and the conversations continued in quiet tones.

Once the performing sixth-graders entered the auditorium, the students became fully attentive and applauded appropriately. The older students were supportive of their younger classmates as they sang songs and recited their various speaking parts. The total assembly was a very wholesome and positive experience. The students were well behaved and courteous throughout the entire assembly.

I am most pleased my granddaughter attends Crescent Elk Middle School. To Mr. Hartwick, the amazing teachers, and great students, thank you for a wonderful experience! To Mary Martinez, who wrote the Feb. 15 Coastal Voices piece, "Better solutions than clinic," in every community there are "characters," but in our schools, there is a great commitment to character-building.

Steven Perez

Crescent City

Map without city, county shows our need for superior promotion

Another popular map that doesn't recognize the existence of Crescent City or Del Norte County was just published, this one by the Sierra Club.

It is a high-quality, coated, 32- by 22-inch folded wall map of the United States with major nation-wide distribution.

Like so many maps and publications, this one ignores everything in California north of Arcata/Eureka. It does, however, include Alturas, Weaverville and Yreka, all cities with lesser populations.

This doesn't happen over and over again by accident. It happens because the community has failed to put itself out there in front of map-makers, newspaper and magazine editors, major website search engines, travel agencies, travel writers, auto associations and special interest leaders.

The solution lies not just in greater funding for outreach efforts. It rests in placing the task of visitor promotion in the hands of a travel industry professional. It may be wise to hire someone with extensive travel promotion experience and an active network of tourism industry leaders.

Perhaps we should be allocating a greater percentage of our visitor promotion dollars to hiring such a director full time. A good place in which to launch an applicant search would be at the secondary or tertiary level of surrounding tourism bureaus. Surely there are assistant directors seeking new opportunities.

Aaron Funk


Dems spend more on the people, GOP gives more to corporations

Regarding Paul Crandall's letter ("Lack of courage and conviction in administration like never before," Feb. 16) could it be that the unemployment rate has risen due to many people losing their jobs due to corporate greed?

Is it not a fact that in California the unemployment taxes have gone up for the employers? Could many employees, fired or forced to quit, have been denied their unemployment so that the employers would not have to pay the premiums for mandatory unemployment insurance premium increases that are coming soon.

I realize that the employer has to pay the premiums, however, not after the employee quits. Could it be that many people have quit their jobs to return to a higher education facility to earn their degree while taking advantage of the education benefits provided by the government?

Would higher education give us a higher tax base when a person with a degree gets a job that pays higher than minimum wage? I believe that higher education is an investment in our country and the benefits will outweigh the deficit we are in now.

I am willing to forgo a raise in Social Security (what, maybe $50 a month?) that I have earned in my lifetime to better the chances for higher education, which many benefit from.

As Mr. Crandall stated, "But an inspection of debt figures going back to 1987 shows that the modern-day Democrat Party, when controlling both houses of Congress, does in fact spend more money than its Republican counterparts."

Spending more money than another (Democrats vs. Republicans) shows if the facts are revealed that the Democratic Party spends money on the people versus the corporations in bailouts. Granted there are many valuable programs put forth by both the Republican and Democratic parties. Should we not analyze the facts and grant value to each program that is a benefit to the people of the United States instead of trying to criticize each as they succeed?

Marilyn Strasser