Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Sales, car taxes prove that raising taxes doesn't work

Two years ago the state raised our sales tax by 1 percent. It's suppose to go back to 7.25 percent this year. But as usual they want to keep it raised.

Raising taxes doesn't work because if it did our deficit would have gone down. But instead in the last two years the state went from being $19 billion in the hole to being $25 billion in the hole! Oops, that didn't work. So they want to try it again, but this time for five years. So let's see if we go $6 billion more in the hole in two years if we let them do it again, then maybe we'll be $15 billion more in the hole in five years! So remember this in June when we vote.

As for the car tax, I have a 6-year-old truck that I just paid $221 for the tags. If I lived in Oregon, it would cost me $65 for two years. That would be only $32.50 a year. I think we've been getting ripped off for a lot of years and now they want to raise it more!

Other states charge everyone the same price for their tags, but good old California came up with an idea to stick it to everyone. Last year I paid $231 for my tags. They came down $10 this year - that was big of them. So in two years I paid $452. I could have only paid $65 in Oregon. Big difference, I'd say.

If you had employees that weren't doing the job, you wouldn't give them a raise or a bonus, would you? You might even fire them. Well, California, you didn't fire them in November. They haven't been doing their jobs in Sacramento, so take back their raises and bonuses and whatever else they gave themselves until they get us out of the big hole they put us in.

Don't forget last November. You hired back the same old people.

Muriel Kaye

Crescent City

Letter misstates president's action; DOMA still in effect

I am writing in response to Glenn Felix's letter ("Pres. should be

impeached for deeming DOMA unconstitutional," Feb. 25).

The issue is complex, concerning rules of consideration when

something is brought into court, and assumptions that Obama has

committed an impeachable offense (straight from the mouth of serial

divorcer and adulterer Newt Gingrich of all people) do nothing to

further reasonable debate.

Had Mr. Felix looked into the matter more deeply he would have

discovered the letter from the DOJ to the Speaker of the House, John

Boehner, which is easy enough to find online (

February/11-ag-222.html.) In this document Mr. Felix will find that

President Obama is in no way refusing to enforce the law, only that the

DOJ will no longer defend section 3 of the law as it is


From the letter: "Section 3 of DOMA will continue to remain in effect

unless Congress repeals it or there is a final judicial finding that

strikes it down, and the President has informed me that the Executive

Branch will continue to enforce the law."

Katherine Kelly

Crescent City

Thanks to all supporters of Roller Derby Tsunami Sirens

On behalf of North Coast Roller Derby's Tsunami Sirens, I would like

to thank our sponsors and volunteers who made our first home bout a

great success.

With your support we were able to put together an outstanding event

and introduce our community to women's flat track roller derby. We would

also like to thank everyone who attended the bout to cheer us on.

We hope you continue to support North Coast Roller Derby and attend

our matches in the future. Our next bout is in Coos Bay, Ore., on March

12 against the Coos County Roller Girls. We hope to see you there!

Caryn "Sconnie" Larson

Crescent City

A random act of kindness shows caring in community

Recently I was talking with Solid Waste Authority Executive Director

Kevin Hendrick at Safeway.

He was faced toward the exit door and saw an older lady fall in the

rain in front of the store. It was raining heavily and she had misjudged

a small step down from the sidewalk to the parking lot. She had fallen

fully on her front in the parking lot.

Kevin ran out of the store and helped the lady to her feet and helped

her brush the water that was streaming off her jacket and slacks. After

she was steadied, he ran and stopped a car before it ran over the

lady's bag of prescription medications.

He got on his hands and knees in the rain and reached underneath to

the middle of the car to scoop up her spilled bag of medicine and

brought it back into the store where the lady could retrieve her items

and compose herself.

We read a lot about the injustices inflicted upon us, but it is this

sort of random act of kindness that emphasizes that we live in a

community filled with caring people.

Dohn Henion

Crescent City

Thanks to merchants who sponsored 'Ladies Night Out'

I am a recent Crescent City resident and want to thank the downtown

merchants who sponsored "Valentine's Ladies Night Out" on Feb. 10. My

sister-in-law and I attended and had a terrific time.

For those who missed it, Tomasini's Enoteca, Witches Hut, Enchanted

Florist, Chere's Boutique, Johnston's, Del Norte Office Supply and 6anddeg; of

Celebration joined together to offer the ladies of our community a

truly enjoyable evening. In addition to merchandise discounts and

in-store drawings, it was fun to see friends, sample complimentary food

and beverages, and unwind from a busy day.

Chere's fashion show was a special treat. These Crescent City

businesses are to be commended for their creative spirit, the high

quality of their merchandise and the important work they are doing to

revitalize our downtown area.

I am glad I moved to Crescent City and glad to have the opportunity

to shop in our excellent local stores. Join me in supporting these

outstanding merchants by frequenting their businesses and attending the

wonderful events they sponsor.

Mary Lawrence

Crescent City