Del Norte Triplicate Readers

I know George Bradshaw and I don't believe charges he faces

The Triplicate's coverage of the Bradshaw/Gregory case is the definition of biased journalism. A small-town paper partial to exploiting news with whomever's story they get their hands on first.

George and I have been best friends since we were in sixth grade. I know, more than most, that he is not a violent person. I know this because I know George.

The Triplicate has made him out to be such a terrible person, and that makes me furious. When I read this blasphemy I feel like it's about me as well. As should anybody put in that position. What kind of person wouldn't defend themselves? I believe that George didn't and couldn't have injured Robert as badly as he ended up.

With the injuries Gregory sustained, how was George supposed to have inflicted those? Who does The Triplicate think he is? Chuck Norris? There was a fight.

I believe Robert Gregory is in a comatose state from something that happened after the altercation, not from a couple punches to the face and a few body blows.

I just wanted to get it out there that there are two sides to every story. The Triplicate is wrong. Try some investigating sometime instead of printing hearsay, especially when the jury comes home every night to read the local newspaper!

Justin Brumm

Crescent City

Not the job of executive branch to decide law's constitutionality

This is in response to Katherine Kelley's March 3 letter ("Letter

misstates president's action; DOMA still in effect"). The main point of

my Feb. 25 letter ("Pres. should be impeached for deeming DOMA

unconstitutional") was that it is not the job of the executive branch of

our government to decide which laws, or portions of laws, are

unconstitutional. That is the job of the judicial branch (separation of


I did not know Newt Gingrich's thoughts on the matter and I don't

know how personal attacks on Mr. Gingrich strengthens her argument.

U.S. Rep. Trent Franks of Arizona agrees with me that President Obama

should be impeached and/or that funding should be withheld from the

Department of Justice.

Glenn Felix

Crescent City

In democracy, voice for workers should be fundamental right

According to Marlowe Thompson's letter of Feb. 24, "the unions in

Wisconsin and our president are in collusion to keep overpaid teachers

and other public employees from losing any benefits." Mr. Thompson,

please state all the facts. You omitted the fact that the unions

conceded to the governor's demands for wage and benefit cuts. The public

workers such as the teachers, nurses, firemen, police, EMTs and other

public support workers are holding out to have the right for collective


In a democracy, a voice for the workers should be a fundamental

right. The major corporations have lobbyists to look after their

interests. Mr. Thompson, please tell me who lobbies for our hard workers

such as miners, teachers, nurses, and too many others to list here.

I want to know why public education is under attack. In my opinion

our teachers are not appreciated or respected. The teachers hold the

future generations in their hands. In many cases they spend more time

with our children than many parents do. Good teachers inspire their

students to greater achievements.

Mr. Thompson, you stated that the unions contributed $68.3 million to

Democrats. Some facts that you omitted were the numbers of dollars

contributed to Republicans by corporations and special interest groups.

According to you, the unions have become dictatorial and demanding. When

Gov. Walker of Wisconsin refuses the workers' rights to collective

bargaining that is dictatorial!

Our government is changing. The government of the people, by the

people and for the people is becoming more and more the government of

the corporations, by the corporations, and for the corporations.

The unions have contributed to the rise of the middle class and now

they are under attack by Republicans and corporations. God bless


Gene Lyssenko

Crescent City

FRC thefts shameful, but hospital donations showed compassion

On Jan. 8, someone broke into the Del Norte Family Resource Center

(DNFRC) and stole three computers and our Cannon camera. To the

individual(s) who did this: Shame on you. I hope that you will take a

look at the pictures that were on that camera so that you will

understand who was hurt by your actions.

There are pictures of the annual Coat Drive Giveaway that took place

at the DNFRC earlier that day. With the sponsorship of BiCoastal Media,

over 1,000 coats and other articles of warm clothing were given away

free to anyone in our community who needed them. Now, no one but you

will ever see those pictures: smiling children wearing new coats, the

"thank-you"?looks that I saw on so many faces that day.

But the most hurtful thing you did was to steal the three computers. I

stare at those three empty spots every day, and wonder who would have

been sitting there, doing homework, communicating with family or

friends, looking for a job? This is the saddest thing you could have

done to a place where we only want the best for our community, a place

where families and people of all ages come and take part in wonderful


But there is a bright spot. By the end of January, the Family

Resource Center got a real feel of this community's generosity when the

leadership of Sutter Coast Hospital donated three computers to us. On

behalf of all the wonderful families who come to the FRC to use the

computers, thank you. At a time when the FRC really needed to see how

much the community cares about the FRC and the families who use it, you

came through.

Thank you Sutter Coast Hospital. Because of your generous donation,

soon we will have those three computers available for our families to

use. And thank you to all of the members of our community who heard

about the break-in and wanted to help.

Cathy Tryon

Family Resource Center

Friends of Del Norte Library recently give library $2,000

The Friends of the Del Norte Library recently gave the library a

check for $2,000. Since last July the Friends have given the library

over $5,000.

These funds were used to replace faulty equipment, buy books, the 12

Nights of Christmas program at KCRE, Del Norte Reads "Read for Literacy"

program and more books.

The Friends raise money for the library through books sales. They

have an ongoing book sale in the library lobby and additional

"Back-Door" book sales in the rear of the library.

The Friends is a small group of dedicated folks who work very hard to

raise funds to help support the library. The Friends receive monetary

donations and books donated for their book sales. Without their help the

library's book budget would be greatly impacted.

Considering the state of the economy, everything this organization

does for the library is greatly appreciated. And it is always happy to

have new people join. An application is available online at the

library's website,

Linda Kaufmann, manager

Del Norte County Library