Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Despite bird festival's demise, wildflower show is still on

We regret the demise of the California Redwoods Bird and Nature Festival (formerly the Aleutian Goose Festival), but we hasten to report that the Ruby Van Deventer Wildflower Show is alive and well and will be held on May 5 and 6 at the Del Norte Fairgrounds.

Although the wildflower show is not as comprehensive or as established as was the goose festival, it is a marvelous spring event, celebrating one of Del Norte's most outstanding and beautiful resources, its wildflowers! More species of wildflowers abound in Del Norte than in any comparable area in the world! (Over 4,000.) That is why its organizers claim that Del Norte County is the "Wildflower Capital of the World."

This is an annual event that the community can be proud of and support as it did with the goose festival. The Ruby Van Deventer Wildflower Show has only been held three times (this year will be the fourth annual show). It is really in its development stage and the potential for development and expansion is unlimited.

The organization of the show is handled by a few enthusiastic volunteers and the finances have been by donations from the community, with an initial boost from the sale of the book, "A Rare Botanical Legacy."

For anyone interested in helping with this year's Ruby Van Deventer Wildflower Show, there will be a meeting Thursday, March 10, at College of the Redwoods, Del Norte Campus at 5:15 p.m., room 29. For more information, call me at 457-3485.

Rick Bennett

Crescent City

Community must fight against in-home care state funding cuts

In 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr. traveled to Memphis to support

sanitation workers who were protesting a long history of mistreatment.

The evening of April 3, Dr. King delivered his famous "I've been to

the mountaintop" speech. The next day he was assassinated.

Just as Dr. King stood up for those sanitation workers, I think it's

time this community stood with In Home Support Services to fight for

social and economic justice in the face of severe budget cuts.

Without IHSS many of the disabled would have no choice but to be sent

to facilities outside their area, far away from family and friends.

There is simply nowhere we could put them in Del Norte County.

IHSS workers do not have the benefit of socializing in the workplace.

There are no sick days, vacation days, no bonuses for jobs well done.

Some IHSS workers provide care 24/7, some in their own homes, doing

everything from changing out oxygen tanks, bandaging and tending to

wounds. They cook meals, clean houses, do laundry, daily hygiene and


IHSS workers use their own vehicles to travel miles every day to get

to their recipients in all types of weather. They give transportation

to/from doctor appointments, all without gas reimbursement.

Many drive their recipients to out of town doctors for overnight

procedures and surgeries. They do not get paid while their recipient is

in the hospital. They do not get food and lodging expenses paid.

IHSS workers pay their taxes, undergo background checks and

fingerprinting. I have seen firsthand the commitment they have. They are

multi-taskers wearing a lot of different professional hats, yet their

pay is barely above minimum wage.

They offer their arms, ears and emotional and physical strength to

our most vulnerable and defenseless citizens, the elderly and disabled

children and adults of Del Norte County.

As a single mother of a disabled child, I know there is no place like

home for her. Her family is here. With the help of IHSS my daughter can

stay here. Without IHSS the nearest care center for my daughter is in

Cathedral City, two days away from here.

We all need to join together and fight for our seniors and disabled

adults and children who want to live in their homes near loved ones.

IHSS workers make that happen.

It's time that people know what IHSS is really about.

Summer Moore-Clawson

Crescent City

Tea Party holds that Constitution should be supreme law of land

In response to Kevin Fallon's March 1 letter ("Isn't it time for the

Tea Party to tell us how to accomplish change?") I will say first that I

have no authority to speak for the Tea Party nor anyone else. But I

would like to make a couple of points.

The Tea Party is not a political party. It has no boundaries; any and

all are welcome. It has no political platform and does not run

candidates for office.

A common thread among Tea Party people is a belief that our

Constitution is, and should be, the supreme law of the land. Most

countries of the world have a constitution telling their people what

they can and cannot do. Our Constitution does the opposite. Our

Constitution tells the government what it can and cannot do.

Our elected officials are our representatives, not our leaders. One

thing that could be done to accomplish change would be to stop referring

to these representatives as leaders. It gives them a false notion of

what they should be doing.

As for spelling out a list of needed reforms and how to accomplish

them, that would take a big book. In fact, many pundits and political

candidates are producing hundreds of books and articles on that very


Clif Shepard

Crescent City

By re-airing Glenn Beck, who rips off Alex Jones, KPOD gets lamer

How lame can KPOD get? I called the radio station and found out that

it will be replaying the Glenn Beck show as a replacement for Dr. Dean


I am not one of these lame partisan Democrats who believes in

censorship. It is quite sad that people like Keith Olbermann believe in

free speech for themselves and they want everyone else to shut up.

I think Olbermann has more in common with Joseph McCarthy than Edward

R. Murrow.

My problem with Glenn Beck is that he has been ripping off Alex Jones

for the last two years. KPOD would rather clutter our ears with

backbenchers like Beck and Republican cheerleaders like Limbaugh and

Sean Hannity. God forbid KPOD give us the real article in Alex Jones.

Alex Jones was on "The View" with Barbara Walters, and the other

gasbags only wanted to talk about Charlie Sheen. Those intellectual

lightweights would never want to talk about the real issues with Alex


Barbara Walters used to date Henry Kissinger, one of the biggest war

criminals who ever lived. Barbara Walters is such a great journalist.


The mainstream media is a complete joke. Conservative talk show hosts

like Sean Hannity actually met with George W. Bush in 2006 to have a

so-called "strategy session" at the White House. There was no

investigation by the FCC.

Liberal talk show hosts like Keith Olbermann and Ed Shultz had a

"strategy session" with Obama at the White House in 2009. There was no

investigation by the FCC, it was preoccupied with Janet Jackson and her

bare nipple.

Alex Jones has no partisan connections like that. His show can be

heard on KGOE 1480 and XM Radio, channel 158. His website is



Bill O'Reilly is not looking out for you, and Glenn Beck is a

crybaby. KPOD has a lineup of Glenn Beck, Limbaugh and Hannity. Some

would call that a conservative talk show lineup. I call it

"Two-and-a-half men."

Joe Thomas