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Per Mayor Slert's request, here is an alternative idea for BID

In the March 4 article ("Survey finds support for ending BID"), reporting that 76 percent of survey respondents want the Business Improvement District (BID) to end, Mayor Charles Slert was quoted saying, "nobody has ever offered an alternative or solution" to BID.

Mayor Slert and other decision-makers, here is a real alternative:

1) Get BID out of the government realm and into the private world.

BID currently organizes a couple of parades each year and encourages business owners to work together to bring more people downtown so that the owners can make more sales. These are good causes.

BID should be just like any other club that has particular goals in mind. There is no reason to have our local government take part in activities that can be accomplished by the private sector.

2) Make BID voluntary. I doubt very much that the idea of BID is being rejected by business owners, but they are currently being forced to pay a tax, fee, or whatever you would like to call it. Based on survey results the majority of those paying do not want to continue doing so.

Who would balk at the idea of being able to voluntarily contribute to a business-promoting organization? Generally the issue of being forced to pay is what people disagree with. If BID exists to improve business, then those who want their businesses improved and believe that there is a benefit derived will be willing to contribute. The private BID could even publish a list of which license-holders contributed and which did not; or just those who do - keep it positive.

3) Encourage investment in the downtown area by not micro-managing

things. The majority of the property encompassed by BID is owned by

someone other than those running the downtown businesses. If you want to

see investment, just get out of the way. Modify the zoning in the BID

to include a broader range of possibilities. I would recommend opening

it up to any type of development except heavy industry. If those

governing desire to see more investment in downtown, then provide a

broader range of possibilities to building owners.

None of the above ideas are "mudslinging," as Mayor Slert suggested all

opposition to BID is. Please consider these as thought-provoking, real


Individual liberty is the answer. Mull over the idea of something being

rejected by the majority of the individuals affected, but being forced

on them "based on what's best for the city as a whole."

Joe Albertson

Crescent City

Smith River spay/neuter clinic a good effort worth volunteering for

Maybe nobody knew, but there was a spay/neuter clinic in Smith River on

Feb. 28.

I was told to sign up though the Internet under neuter-scooter a week

ago because my neighbor and I have small Chihuahua-type dogs that have

gotten pregnant by a Rottweiler-type dog and the vet bill to assist a

pregnancy is $800 and a danger to the pet.

We dropped them off at 9andndash;10 a.m. and picked them up at 7andndash;8 that night.

Some people had jobs to go to and they were put ahead of the line so

they could get to work. They also had many people help volunteer, a real

nice bunch.

I'm thinking about looking into volunteering the next time they come.

They were looking for more volunteers. My neighbor and I are eternally

grateful for this clinic.

They said that they are hoping to have this four times a year here in

this county. With budgets the way they are, I hope they make their goal.

Sue Cyr

Fort Dick