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Serfs don't need less gov't, they need freedom from the wealthy

In a Feb. 25 Coastal Voices piece ("Taxing us to serfdom"), Karen Brooks made the case that American tax policy and government deficit spending are reducing the status of U.S. citizens to that of serfs.

Ms. Brooks is correct on both counts, but not for the reasons set forth in her letter: These policies are creating lords as well as serfs. According to Bill Moyers' "Moyers on Democracy," in 1960 the top 20 percent of earners earned 30 times what the bottom 20 percent earned. By 2006, the top 20 percent earned 75 times what the bottom 20 percent earned, and the top 1 percent of households had more wealth than the bottom 90 percent combined.

How did this come about? First, over the last 50 years the richest Americans have shifted the burden of the federal individual income taxes off themselves and onto everyone else. In the early 1960s the highest income earners paid a tax rate of over 90 percent. Today the top earners pay a rate of only 35 percent.

At the same time, there has been a growing political movement to replace "tax and spend" with "borrow and spend." Whenever an elected official votes to borrow money instead of raising revenue, he or she is choosing to pay the rich for the use of their money rather than ask every taxpayer to contribute to the common good.

The serfs don't need less government; they need a new Magna Carta!

Rob Cozens


Who would be stupid enough to lend U.S. government money?

My suggestion to the government problem to bring America out of debt

is to file bankruptcy for the $15.3 trillion debt it owes,


After all, who would be stupid enough to lend a government that kind

of money the way it does things?

Need I say more? Or would you like to lend them your money?

John F. Furgo Jr.

Crescent City

Gasquet Mtn. School a positive influence in our community

Gasquet Mountain School continues to be a positive influence in our


On Friday, Feb. 25, the Parent-Teacher Organization and school staff

hosted an event attended by 120 people. After a warm greeting at the

door, a delicious spaghetti dinner was served while the diners enjoyed

the music of an excellent brass quartet.

Network for a Healthy California served food samples and students

sold produce and seeds from the school's garden. The evening culminated

with popcorn and a movie.

Kudos to all involved! These school-sponsored events foster a sense

of community that enrich our lives in Gasquet.

Andra Goss


Can't wait to cast my 'no' vote on Gov. Brown's tax extensions

Looking back I remember being in Southern California (1977) at San

Clemente City Hall a few months before Prop. 13 was to be voted on. The

clerk there "couldn't" believe that the voters would actually pass it. I

remember telling her it would be a landslide. Was I right?

Now Gov. Jerry Brown wants to put on the ballot to extend "temporary"

taxes for another five years. Deja vu. Is he serious? I can't wait to

cast my "no" vote. What parallel universe do politicians live in?

James Snow

Crescent City