Del Norte Triplicate Readers

I know I speak for hundreds in saying I'll miss nature festival

Little did I know one year ago how privileged I was to be one of the

many festival volunteers who experienced the exciting and positive

California Redwood Bird and Nature Festival.

One year ago, after living in Del Norte a year and having discovered

the many nature offerings in the area via the Bird Festival, I was

looking forward to spring 2011 and being a participant in some of the

trips I was missing. Sadly, now I read that last year's event was to be

the last festival - hopefully only a temporary situation. However,

things sometimes change quite rapidly and unexpectedly.

I missed the Smith River Rafting event, and signed up too late for

the boat trip around Castle Rock Island. I anticipated this year an

early rise to see the murrelets flying down the Smith River to the sea.

I know I speak for hundreds when I say how much I will miss the

enjoyment of the nature event; the opportunity to become more informed

about Del Norte forests, dunes and marine life, to be educated to the

important first people's cultures of the Tolowa and Yurok and their long

history as custodians, to experience first-hand the wonders of weather,

flora and fauna and to meet new people of kindred spirit in a positive

and rewarding environment.

So much appreciation goes to all those who organized this event, for

your expertise, diligence and determination, for delivering a fantastic

experience. May you do so once again at some point in the

not-too-distant future.

Because the fesvial has been one of the area's most profitable

sources of revenue for local businesses, one would presume the event

would always be held, year after year, an asset to Crescent City and Del

Norte County.

This is one of life's lessons for me personally -'never put off until

next year what you can enjoy today! And never miss an opportunity to

volunteer for a project that is as rewarding as the California Redwood

Bird and Nature Festival.

Corrine Cole

Crescent City

Thompson's anti-drilling views holding back Calif. employment

This is a letter sent to Congressman Mike Thompson:

With unemployment high along with high gas prices, are you still not

willing to drill for gas and oil? Your liberal viewpoints are holding

back full employment for California.

Do you remember when we had good congressmen in our district? Our

airport is even named after one of the good ones and everyone that

wanted a job had one. Our mills are all down and you on the left with

eco-wacko viewpoints won't even let us log the dead and dying trees to

create jobs in this area.

You can be an Obama liberal and still consider all your constituents

without a job.

Bill Horn

Crescent City