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Emergency response successful product of practice, coordination

As is normal, my wife Susan and I are night owls, and it was no different Friday. Susan told me an enormous earthquake hit of the northwest coast of Japan. As events continued to unfold, we witnessed the devastation the Japanese people were dealt to their families and homeland. One cannot help but to feel deep sorrow for the many innocents impacted.

What was a localized event to Japan soon became apparent that Hawaii and the West Coast of the United States would be also feel nature's wrath. We contacted the Del Norte County Sheriff's office at about 1:45 a.m. to see if they had any information and were quickly advised that local radio stations were covering the situation with up-to-date information. I was very pleased to also be advised that the Klamath Fire Department and Yurok Tribal Police were already alerted and were actively working their response plans.

All the planning, coordination and emergency response rehearsals conducted in recent months and years all came together in what I would assess as an exceptional and professional success for all: U.S. Coast Guard, Del Norte County, Crescent City, Klamath Fire Department, Yurok Tribe and other emergency response agencies.

I am proud of these entities who worked to prepare us and minimized the loss of property and life during the long day of multiple surge events.

The damage to personal property in the Crescent City Harbor area was terrible, but was actually less than what it could have been.

Many of the fishing fleet and other vessels were moved out earlier due to the effective lines of communications that were employed.

We need to recognize those who have prepared us and count our blessings that the many plans worked most effectively.

Paul Crandall


Thanks to volunteers who took care of evacuees during tsunami

Friday's tsunami gave our community the opportunity to put into

practice all the training our county has received in the last year to

prepare for just such a disaster. The evacuation of downtown appears to

have gone smoothly, and the Red Cross shelter was in place for those who

didn't have somewhere else to go.

I'd like to publicly thank all of our volunteers who set up and ran

the shelter through Saturday morning when the all-clear was given. You

offered a safe place to be, offered breakfast, passed out lunches,

cooked dinner, provided a tissue when tears came, and a helping hand

when needed. The custodians at the high school provided terrific support

and are some of the many quiet heroes from Friday -'thank you.

The Senior Center provided us with a kitchen to cook dinner - we

couldn't have provided that meal without you. Thank you to the Office of

Emergency Services and all the officials who provided updates to the

shelter participants. Every other person involved in keeping our

community safe and informed -'thank you.

Reader, were you ready for the evacuation? Did you know your zone?

Did you have a disaster plan? Did you have water and food for seven

days? If we had the kind of devastation that happened to Japan, would

you be prepared to take care of your family?

This was another wake-up call for our community. Please get your

disaster kit together today.

Stop by the American Red Cross office at 1672 Northcrest Drive for

information, or call 464-2277. You can also make a donation to the Japan

Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami efforts by contacting our office or

going to Services provided by the American Red Cross are

supported totally by donations.

Mary Dorman, board chair

Del Norte County Chapter,

American Red Cross

Many catastrophic events occur on dates with the number 11

Has anyone caught wind of the fact that the devastating earthquake

near Japan that caused the tsunami, which resulted in the surges that

destroyed much of Crescent City Harbor, occurred on the date of 3/11/11?

What other catastrophic or historical events are associated with

the number 11? It just so happens that the destruction of the Twin

Towers occurred on Sept. 11, or 9/11, which coincides with the emergency

telephone number 911. This event had a dramatic impact on the lives of

many Americans as well as the people who live in the Middle East.

The following is an abbreviated list of other significant dates and

events associated with the number 11:

andbull; Columbus Day: Oct. 11

andbull; Armistice Day (ended WWI): 11/11

andbull; President Kennedy assassinated on 11/22/63 (note the number 11

times 2 is 22)

More information about the occult significance of the number 11 can

be found in W. Wunn Wescott's book, "The Occult Power of Numbers."

There is technology in the world today that can change weather as

well as cause earthquakes.

Al Kay

Crescent City