Del Norte Triplicate Readers

KCRE/KPOD did a great job

Friday morning my wife and I received a phone call at 4 a.m. from my wife's sister in Indiana.

She wanted to know if we were watching the news. I told her that it was 4 a.m. and we were both asleep. She said there was an earthquake in Japan and they were talking about a tsunami in Crescent City. We got out of bed and tuned to Fox News. After awhile we found the older radio we had and tuned it to KCRE/KPOD to see if we could get some local news (we don't have cable TV).

For the next 13 hours or so, we were amazed by the coverage presented by Renandeacute;, Chuck, Bill Steven, and the rest of the crew working at and for the radio station. The crew at KCRE/KPOD did a great service to people in Del Norte and Curry counties.

Thank you all for a truly great and professional job. You guys deserve some kind of an award.

Bob West

Crescent City

Families need more preparedness

The wake-up call came at 1:30 a.m. saying there was an earthquake in

Japan and to start preparing in case a tsunami comes our way. I, being

raised early in my life on this coast, never thought I as an adult would

have to evacuate my children and my family to higher ground for a

tsunami or tidal wave threat that actually happened.

We had nowhere to go, no gas to go anywhere safe and out of town, and

I just didn't have the right information to do so. From the

broadcasting on the radio and the information gathered from my husband's

ham radio and police scanner, we found that the high school had a

shelter in place. We went to the shelter and the American Red Cross was

there and gave us lunch, a place to be safe and people to talk to if we

were scared or needed information about when we would be allowed to go


I only wish we had gone there earlier in the day instead of noon. I

think our schools do good at teaching our children about what a tsunami

is, but I think as adults and families we should have some way to learn

the best things to do in case of a more dangerous threat to our


What goes in an emergency kit. What should we prepare for. What is

advised to do first? What routes and areas are best places to go? If

Crescent City has a plan and they know these things, then why can't they

educate those who don't know?

We look to our officials for knowledge of what is best and for our

families' safety. They did work hard and did a great job yes, but I

still feel in planning they can do better.

Where is the help for the poor who lost their food due to the power

outage? Where is the financial help for those who lost things during the

storm? Questions need to be answered. Who gives the answers?

Tonia Thayer

Crescent City