Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Tennis assn. helps high school

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Del Norte Tennis Association. Del Norte Tennis Association is a nonprofit organization located here in town that strives to encourage junior tennis players to learn and improve their game of tennis.

When I started coaching the boys tennis team this year, I soon realized that we did not have the funds to purchase jerseys or have the proper equipment that my tennis players needed. I then turned to Jane Rumiano, president of the Del Norte Tennis Association, and she has been nothing but a huge help since I've started.

The players on my team picked out the team jersey that they liked and

the Del Norte Tennis Association quickly made the motion to help donate

the money for our team to make the purchase. We had the jerseys within a

week and in time for our first tennis match.

These jerseys are a bold yellow color that I feel gives the team a

better sense of unity, Warrior pride, and confidence they need to make

their footprint in the HDN League this year. Also, some tennis racquets

my players had were outdated and DNTA member George Arispe immediately

came to the rescue and donated two racquets.

The players were so excited to have new racquets that I instantly saw

them take on a more competitive attitude in practice the same day.

So I would like to extend my warmest thanks from me and on behalf of

the boys tennis team. Thank you Del Norte Tennis Association for your

generous donations.

Sara Miller

DNHS boys tennis coach

No pay for administrative leave

This is in response to the March 5 article, "Garcia case removed from

DA's Office."

The fact that his case has been removed from the DA's Office is

irrelevant. What is of relevance is that he's been out on administrative

leave with pay, all at taxpayers' expense.

I agree that if he's innocent he's entitled to his job being

reinstated and all back pay reimbursed, but not while on administrative


If Deputy Garcia is convicted on one or more counts, the taxpayers

have been supporting a guilty man and that's a loss of taxpayer money.

I would think that to those on administrative leave that, despite the

stress, it's nothing more than a paid vacation.

Being placed on administrative leave should serve as a punishment and

a reprimand, but, if they're being paid, how can it be?

Anyone placed on administrative leave should receive no pay. Not

until whatever situation is resolved.

Jill Bausch

Crescent City