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Public unions have responsibility for our budgetary mega-crisis

In his March 8 Coastal Voices piece, "Don't blame public workers," Mr. Barry Wendell zooms in on Karen Brooks, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and the Tea Party as singling out labor unions for the balancing of current budgetary meltdowns. His solution to that impending disaster is the time-worn mantra of liberalism: Tax the rich.

Positing the position of defender of the common-man, big-labor union bosses and their minions have called out their militia to defend their bastion of ensconced power. Caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place, union workers find themselves on the tip of a dilemma: whether to side with a few emergent leaders with courage who ultimately rely on the support of the Tea Party Movement in reining in the escalation of rampant union demands, or to kow-tow to cigar-chomping Big Labor bosses on whom they rely for sustenance.

Mr. Wendell seems unable or unwilling to see public labor unions as

having responsibility in this budgetary mega-crisis. Instead he cites

eight local public service agencies, each of which is represented by a

bargaining unit. To that he adds seniors on Social Security and Medicare

and a projected figure of 18 percent who live in poverty in our county

and concludes that we have an overwhelming government dependence.

Indeed! Isn't that the whole point? Dependence on government to solve

all our problems? So continuing the status quo is the way to go? I don't

think so.

Mr. Wendell's efforts to offer solutions to the problem of run-away

budgets and "fixes"(which don't fix) are most welcome and encouraging as

they reflect an essential process of individual responsibility, which

are the cornerstones of our republic's functioning. However, cliches and

status quo thinking will no longer suffice. Remember, union members,

while your organization painfully extracts its "pound of flesh" from us

unrepresented public employers, you will also be stuck with the

inevitable tax increases.

I found Mr. Wendell's definition of "real patriotism" most chilling: a

premier education free to all, subsidized housing and food, free public

transportation and services to the elderly, to name a few. Utopia

awaits us all. I believe the communist manifesto lists these and more.

In reviewing my copy of the Constitution I cannot find anywhere

within it the concept of such government beneficence. All I see is a

guarantee of my opportunity to struggle to achieve those goals.

Dale L. Bohling

Crescent City

Soft copy of Triplicate tsunami coverage would be valuable

For posterity's sake and to pass on to our friends andv relatives,

the Tuesday tsunami coverage, including news articles and photos, Gopher

Gulch, Editor's Note, both Coastal Voices and letters to the editor

would make a truly valuable soft copy.

Think of what our teachers could do with such a priceless and

personal piece of history now and in years to come.

Arlene A. Knecht

Smith River

'We Hear You America' voting contest could bring needed help

On March 11, I awoke to news that Crescent City, a place I once

called home, was being evacuated due to a tsunami warning. Immediately, I

began contacting family and friends in the area to make sure they were

all okay.

Then I turned to Facebook and Twitter. While the news coverage was

thorough where I live in Sacramento, local TV stations were tasked with

covering the entire West Coast that day. Posts from friends and family

were the most up-to-date and kept me informed throughout the weekend.

Earlier this week, I started to see Facebook posts linking to the

Reader's Digest "We Hear You America" contest. Cities across the nation

have entered to win cash prizes including a first place prize of


Last I checked, Crescent City is currently ranked No. 8 and climbing

steadily toward No. 7. By now, people across the nation have seen the

video footage and photos of Crescent City's harbor destroyed and a

fishing community devastated. The extent of the damage is significant

and the "We Hear You America" contest is one small way people can help.

I'd like to urge Triplicate readers to:

Go to, and sign up using your

email address. Type in 95531 or Crescent City, CA. Press the "Cheer!"

button 10 times. Vote daily through May 16.

In addition to voting regularly during the contest, people are

encouraged to share the page with friends, family and co-workers. The

website has links allowing you to share the information through

Facebook, Twitter and email, which makes it incredibly easy to spread

the word.

I think we can all agree that much larger tragedies have come out of

recent events and we continue to see reports of more and more

devastation in Japan every day. As we keep Japan in our thoughts and

offer up resources to the greater cause, let's also use the "We Hear You

America" contest as a way to help a community close to home.

Jennifer Snyder


How will you feel if GOP cuts coastal emergency funding?

The recent disaster at Crescent City Harbor should remind us all that

there are important functions which only government can provide. All

the politicos - including Republican Doug LaMalfa - are promising to

bring in government assistance to fix the harbor.

But wait: The Republicans are trying to cut $30 million for "flood

control and coastal emergencies" from the current year's federal budget.

How will you feel if they are successful and that results in no

assistance to our harbor?

Everyone likes budget cuts except when it affects the safety net on

which they rely. More Americans every day are realizing that the

Republicans are going after funding that provides important government

services. Sooner or later they will get to something that is important

to you; perhaps they already have! Think about that next time you fill

out an election ballot.

If the filthy rich just paid their fair share, there would not be a

budget crisis.

Felice Pace


Public unions shouldn't be able to strike or bargain collectively

Not surprised at the utter lack of any left-wing media condemnation

of the day and night union thuggery we saw in Madison, Wis., and around

the country. Wasn't it President Obama himself who asked us to be civil

in our political discourse?

Yet when union thugs rough up Fox employees, "act out" like spoiled

children, and hold a mob sit-in at the Wisconsin Capitol, Obama actually

cheers them on. In fact, under his benign gaze, unions, raucous

far-left organizations, and their brainwashed student shock troops, have

nearly shut down Wisconsin government.

Even FDR and labor biggie George Meany warned against allowing public

employees to join unions. And now we can see the wisdom of their

thinking and the stupidity of the American president who let it happen.

By the way, this union and student tantrum remind me of the 1960s,

and I can just imagine the giddiness of some in the older collegiate

fraternity, I mean those who cherish the notion that it's "flower

children" time again. So much, too, for the hypocrisy of the Democrats'

mantra of liberal "tolerance." Has anyone seen tolerance, except for the


Seems to me, we need to accomplish these two things in this country

to get off this slippery road we're skidding down: forbid public

employee unions to strike and collectively bargain, and also to end the

practice of political correctness in the United States. Political

correctness has shredded our common sense.

We must do this soon before we become just another Third World


Carter Swart

Crescent City