Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Buy American-made products: Taxes will go down and jobs up

Reading all of the political spins should be making everyone dizzy by now, and it is only getting worse by the day, saying that public employees are the reason for the recession when it is everyone's fault.

Everyone can complain that not enough people are working, but how many of us look at where things come from? I do and I try my best to either buy American-made products or wait until the stores slash the prices cheaper than I can buy the same things at a yard sale. I have tried to put my money where my mouth is and bought my youngest daughter a set of frying pans made in the USA for her birthday, and for my birthday I got three pairs of American-made jeans, and they didn't cost any more than ones at a nice store that were made in a Third World country.

If we bought more made-in-the-USA products we wouldn't be taxed at

the rate we are! Demanding more products that are made by American

workers will lower taxes because we will be putting Americans back to


If some don't want to work entry level jobs, just don't give them

welfare and food stamps. Most of the auto and software industries in

this country are going to have to lay off workers in the U.S. because

Japan cannot supply the U.S. orders.

World trade has put the U.S. and all of its people at the mercy of

every other country in the world even though this country was founded of

the fact that the people never wanted to be at the mercy of another

country or kingdom. Put our neighbors back to work and make our country

great again and no one would have to complain about how much government

workers make.

Not that long ago most people laughed about how much the state

workers made because the tech industry was so hot; then their jobs were

given to people in Third World countries for pennies on the dollar. Get a

grip people and support the workers in our country!

Brenda Johnston

Crescent City

Smith River Neighborhood Watch thanks law enforcement and DA

The community of Smith River recently organized a Neighborhood Watch

program. The program was the culmination of multiple planning meetings

and the input of concerned Smith River residents addressing the

increased incidence of crime, drug activity and blight within the


We have collaborated with the California Highway Patrol, the Del

Norte District Attorney's Office, the Del Norte County Sheriff's

Department and the California Department of Fish and Game in the sharing

of information and intelligence intended to make Smith River a safer


While we acknowledge and understand that the availability of a

sheriff's deputy, a CHP officer or a California Fish and Game warden to

respond to a call may be limited or delayed, we nonetheless appreciate

and applaud the times we observe these trained peace officers in our


The Smith River Neighborhood Watch program wishes to thank the Del

Norte District Attorney's Office for its continued involvement and

sharing of information pertinent to crime prevention and residential

blight, and we also want to offer a sincere and heartfelt thank-you to

the Smith River Rancheria for its financial support and sharing of


Mark A. Storres

Smith River