Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Governor, Legislature should make decisions, not initiatives

Jerry Brown was elected governor by great efforts and money on the part of the unions, including the California Teachers Association, and the green energy crowd, among others. The California Legislature has been predominately controlled by the Democrats for more years than we care to think about! Now they want the "people" to decide whether to tax themselves or not. Really!

The leadership of this state has caused the financial dilemma we are in right now. They have given power to the unions, CTA, and the energy opportunists, among many. They have increased their voting base to assure continued rule by allowing sanctuary for illegals, as well as causing our health care to bend under the weight of these illegals who pay nothing and get more than the ordinary taxpayer. We are sick of politics and power grabs! Give us back some honesty and common sense.

Mr. Brown, you were elected to get us back on our feet. You cannot

shift the burden of decision-making to the people instead of you and the

Legislature. You need to decide to allow drilling of our rich oil

fields, even if it spoils the view of the ocean for your wealthy

friends, even if it steps on the toes of the lucrative green energy

crowd. The citizens have to make very hard choices as our dollars shrink

in buying power, and now you have to accept the responsibility for the

mess the Dems have gotten this state into.

Truly, we must look to preserving our resources and protecting the

planet, but in the face of bankruptcy and diminishing of the buying

power of the dollar, we can only pray someone in Sacramento has common

sense and prays at night. God bless America and its great people.

Lilyan Wood

Crescent City