Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Stop U.S. offensive military ops and embrace peaceful solutions

The U.S. needs to aim efforts toward a new international peace initiative. These efforts in the Middle East can encourage hope for the future. It can bring more desirable results instead of allowing for chaotic destruction. It costs too much money, especially at times when other economic priorities need to take precedence.

Libya is not a direct threat to America. Defensive measures can provide sufficient security and safety from terrorist attacks. We need to stop U.S. offensive military operations and embrace the solutions peace can bring.

Roger W. Galbraith

Crescent City

Solution to state's budget woes is not revenue but spending

It's time to stop. Stop the welfare that's bleeding the working class

including the subsidized housing, medications, food, utility bills,

etc. California is a destination welfare state. A majority of the

multi-billion dollar budget deficit could be erased with a major

overhaul of the welfare system.

Require those on welfare to attend a certain number of hours of

schooling per week (proof required) and urine tests to pick up their

monthly (free) checks. And just think, they (the welfare recipients)

might not like it and decide to move on to somewhere else. Darn. Or stay

here, get a better education, straighten up their life, get a job and

be a productive member of society.

Stop the illegal tsunamis coming over the border(s) that are bleeding

California, not only through the (destination) welfare situation

mentioned above, but in other ways as well.

Stop the legal deluge flooding our courts brought on by inmates in

California's prisons. Make the inmates, once again, civilly dead. Untold

millions are spent in California courts and prisons at the taxpayers'

expense providing legal services to criminals. They are in prison. Make

it like one.

We are drowning in our own waste, at all levels. State

entitlements/welfare in all its forms have drained the resources

(financial/medical/social, etc.) and are causing more and more

people/businesses to pack up and leave.

Solution? The overall problem is not revenue, it's spending. Start

(at the top instead of the bottom) with a major overhaul in

Sacramento/Washington with our legislature and work your way down to the

local levels, actually fixing what's broken on the way. We know this

isn't going to happen so take a moment daily to count your blessings or,

what the heck, pack up and move to Idaho.

David Lee


Spirit of faith seen in Japanese is also here in Crescent City

I have been a longtime member of Rissho Kosei-kai, the largest lay

Buddhist organization in Japan with 7 million members worldwide.

I am aware of a simple word that the people of Crescent City should

know. This simple word is "Wandaacute;." The only way I can explain its meaning

is simply saying "faith." Wandaacute; symbolizes the root of the character of the

Japanese people.

Recently we have been seeing the images on our televisions and the

many photos in our local newspaper from Japan showing the faces of the

Japanese people coming together because of the earthquake, tsunami and

the problems at Fukushima.

But I saw Wandaacute; on the faces of the people of Crescent City who met at

our city's wastewater treatment plant Saturday to aid in cleaning up our

beaches. We came together to do something.

Yes, the spirit of Wandaacute; is common in all cultures. With faith or Wandaacute;, we

here in Crescent City can recover from the tsunami like we did in 1964.

I would also hope people would give to our local Red Cross and to the

International Red Cross. The need is so great. The people locally have

risen to events in the past because of their faith.

Richard M. Miles

Crescent City

62-year-old disabled senior sees inexplicable water bill increase

Am I the only 62-year-old, disabled senior in Crescent City that has

had her water bill increased?

I live on a $297-a-month budget. I live in a two-bedroom, one-bath,

duplex by myself. I do my dishes by hand. I do my laundry once a week.

My water bill the last two months has gone up! Why? I do not know. I

had my landlady call her plumber to check for leaks. He found "none."

Charlotte Sturcke

Crescent City