Del Norte Triplicate Readers

E-mail comment soon to prevent road closures in recreation area

The managers of the Smith River National Recration Area are planning to close many roads and make other areas road-free. Instead of managing our forests for recreation and our enjoyment, they are planing to shut many more areas down.

Please comment on the current project. You can e-mail comments to the Forest Service at the following email address:

April 2 is the end of the comment period so if you care about any activity or access to our forests please comment early and often.

The Board of Supervisors disagreed with this plan when it voted Tuesday to send a letter to the Forest Service asking them to coordinate better with the local government. If nothing else, ask the Forest Service not to close any more roads.

Jon Olson

Crescent City

Please consider adopting Tank, a wonderful dog at county pound

I'm a volunteer at the local dog pound and I am writing this letter

about a dog named Tank that really needs a home.

He has been a resident there for many months. He is a pit bull mix,

adult with skin problems. The pound has a low kill policy, that's why

he's still there. Tank is a wonderful dog; I know, I walk him as much as

I can. He had a chance to go with a couple groups of other dogs that

were pound residents to a rescue organization in Portland, but because

of his skin issues had to stay behind.

He's in need of regular therapeutic baths, most likely from stress. Like

a lot of other Del Norte County residents, I live in a rental and am

limited to how many pets I can have.'Otherwise, you wouldn't be reading

this! If you're interested in Tank, check him out in today's TV guide

section, the dog pound or,

Information will be available so I can help Tank's new owner with baths.

Open your heart to this boy, be patient about his condition. He will

repay you with unconditional love, kisses and companionship!

Can't adopt a dog? You can still volunteer, donate or help by having you

pets spayed and neutered!

Micaela Curtis

Crescent City

Tired of expending U.S. lives for benefit of other countries

I sent this letter to President Obama:

I am sure I speak for most Americans. It is time to look back at your

promises you made to us in the campaign and take your oath of office to

heart. In a nutshell we are tired of being the world police and

expending lives and the future of our children for the benefit of other


Yes, preserve, protect and defend, that is what we voted for, and that

is what the Constitution demands of you. How many students can be saved

and educated by one cruise missile? How many jobs could be created

improving our roads, airports, schools and general infrastructure?

It is time to invest in future energy sources and make this country a

leader by example, not by sending in the troops to remove a dictator.

Those countries need to resolve and fight their own battles as we did in

our own civil war. Who are we to decide what is best for them? It is

time to step up and tell the war-mongers, enough!

Please concentrate your thoughts and energy to convince Congress to

invest in the future of America.

Brett Lauble

Crescent City

Concert association members renew by Wed. for lower fee

The Del Norte/Curry Community Concert Association is in the midst of our

annual membership drive.

Old members need to renew before the final concert Wednesday to take

advantage of the lower fee. New members who join before that concert get

to come to that concert free with their receipt, a real bonus.

The dues are $40 for adults, $95 for a family, and $20 for student. On

Wednesday a Chamber Orchestra will perform at Crescent Elk Auditorium at

7:30 p.m.

We appreciate the generous coverage of our approaching concerts by the

Daily Triplicate. The Art Scene column is a vital link for those

interested in the Del Norte Association for Cultural Awareness,

Lighthouse Repertory Theatre, visual arts, dance, and the Del

Norte/Curry Community Concert Association. Holly Austin and publicity

chairmen are to be commended.

Donna E. Gastineau

Vice president

Del Norte/Curry Community Concert Assn.

Crescent City